Product List

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi

Good food grown in the villages around Huedin

Product list

deni box

we are not for profit; and the prices below are suggested donations (equal as possible to our outlay) we ask to be returned to us in Cluj.

We only ask that you contribute to delivery and give 1 lei for transport on orders under 50 lei/2 lei for orders over 50 lei/3 lei for over 100 lei/4 lei for orders over 150lei etc.

Collection point is Cluj station around 15.45 or at Acasa, 45 Somesului; push gate door hard or ring bell (and please don’t take a dog into the courtyard as it is old Betty’s domain!); from around 16.30 onwards. We will text you when the packages arrive, so we need your telephone number.  We also need your email because every week, you’ll receive information about your produce/the producers/the market (the main source of everything) and the Gustare team.

The order system we use at the moment is a small simple excel chart which is posted every week on a facebook chat group called Gustare de la Kalotaszeg. This product list is at the top of the chart and also weekly updated newsflashes.   If you would like to order something, let us know and I’ll send you the chart.  If you would like to receive up to date information, it is also a good idea to be part of the chat; but it is not compulsory!

We  ask you to return any packaging possible for reuse when you come to collect your packages such as glass bottles for oil, clean paper bags for herbs; large, strong bags or nets for root vegetables.

The idea of Gustare/Kostolo was born out of events in 2011, when part of Huedin Piata was shut down, and a new ‘hala’,  constructed. The smallest farmers with the least money were the most affected by this change; they could not afford the rent in the new space, nor make the commitment to hiring it daily, for a year; so they were left with two choices, either not to come to market with their excess; or to sell illegally using the ground space around the new ‘hala.’ This is what happened.  And a type of small battle began with the primaria to open the (locked and empty) old communist style market.  In 2012, the battle was won and once again sheltered table spaces became available for the smallest sellers but a new enemy had gained a stronghold in the town (as in every town); the supermarket,  with very low prices for anonymous foods.  Association Tarnat-Kalotaszeg-Durabil ( created Gustare/Kostolo in order to raise the profile of good quality local named produce and encourage local producers to continue to come to market, ensuring  the survival of the market for years to come.  .  

There is a blog and facebook page where we post further information on food related issues and we encourage you to do the same,


Product List  Vegetable/fruit box –

Gustare/Kostolo  naturally grown by tarani/paraszti ember who bring their excess* to Huedin/Hunyad market for sale every Tuesday morning. Additional ingredients* collected from TKD’s gardens by Kati Mandru in Valeni/Valko; us in Huedin and  Agi neni in Alunis; various members of Kiraly family – Gyongy/Edina/Kati, in Damos  and us; We and Iulia create a varied ‘box’ for you from these sources.   maximum donation 45 lei.

Depending on season/availability, it is sometimes possible to order a large bag of salad (approx 5lei);  a large bunch of kale (approx 3lei); Spinach (perpetual spinach/chard) (approx 3lei).

*Please see boxnote for further information about what is in season.

Walnut wholeflour bread (Not available at the moment) made with local flour from Damos or Valeni, milled in Jebuc.  Bread is made by Berde Ildiko in Alunis/Magyarokereke.

– 7 lei for a loaf around 1 kg; 3.5 lei for half a loaf. Not available at the moment

Mature ‘cas’ cheesemade by Szilard in Alunis/Magyarokereke. Read Szilard’s story on 30lei/kg

simple and smoked cow; 100% sheep – available in whole cheeses rounds (2-3kg), or in part (1/2kg minimum order).

Flavours available in 1/2kg rounds – approx 15lei a round – up to date cheese flavours – pepper, carroway (chimen), herbs, onion, garlic, hu mix, dried tom and garlic and basil = pesto rosso

Szilard’s other products

Palinkaplum, garden herb infusion; grape – 20 lei for half a litre glass presentation bottle.

Gem de macese/csipkeiz – made traditionally in an ‘rez ust/cazan?/copper cauldron’ from macese/csipke  collected by Erzsi neni in Alunis/Magyarokereke.  Sugar but no conservant.  330g  15lei;

Szilvaiz/Magiunmade traditionally in an ‘rez ust/cazan?/copper cauldron’ from garden ‘bistrita/beszterce’ variety plums collected in Huedin; no added sugar and no preservative. Made by Pocs Kati and Geza, Huedin..- 18lei/big jar (750g)  

Eggsproduced from ‘happy’ chickens fed with home grown mixture of grains; Price dependent on season. Currently 50 bani /egg

Wholegrain or White flour for you to bake with etc.  Kadar family in Damos who have been growing wheat for generations milled in Jebuc. 3 lei/kg

Rye flour/Rozs liszt/Faina de secara. Torok Erzsi in Damos . 3 lei/kg

Ghee: (not currently available)Made from cream (turned into butter) and butter produced in Morlaca (by Viorica and her red cow), and Hodis by Viorica Clina and her buffalo.

approximately 10 lei for 200g. ( not available at the moment)

Honey – from the village of Mesteaca, Almas  – Olimpia and Nelu – large poliflora – 22 lei – salcam – 27lei

.  dark forest honey (when the bees travelled to Josikafalva/Belis and the forest in that area)large 22 lei  not available at the moment.

Large poliflora (a bit smaller than Nelu 750g) – 23 lei .  Sziveszter, Damos;

Other Honey products –

immuno bomb – honey/propolis/pollen mix – 15lei small jar .  Sziveszter, Damos;

sirup de catina/homoktovis szurp – catina/homoktovis and honey drink. 14 lei/300ml.    ( not available at the moment)

Malai/Daraapprox 3lei for a small bag and Malai Dara liszt/faina – various Kalotaszeg producers but normally Erzsi, Ketesd

Walnuts Mainly from Bicalat and Tetis, – currently 30-25 lei/1kg

Walnut oil(Not currently available; due to poor harvest last year and very probably no crop this year)pressed by Sandor Erzsi, Julia and Erzsika, with Douglas in Valko with Kalotaszeg walnutsfor more information – 15lei/250ml (bottle size varies up to 330ml)

Walnut Nut spread(Not available; see above) the third product from the walnut oil production. There is not much produced  but it is very tasty and good to use a little in salad dressings.  About 4lei/small jar. Not available at the moment.


Nut flour(as above)the by product from the walnut oil production. This time it contains a little oil, so is softer and tastier raw; we’ve used it mixed with sunflower oil (sourced from Piata MV, Cluj and the local family producers there) to make a poor man’s (but tasty enough and very healthy) walnut butter. Give it a go and let us know what you think! – 3lei/300g Not available at the moment.

the miracle drink – beetroot, carot and apple JUICE pasteurized in Nearsova  by Ibolya and her family.   12lei/2 litres. Not available at the moment.

Wide pasta – Zsuzsi/Eva in Iz. Crisului/Korosfo and Olimpia, Huedin  made with eggs laid by happy chickens fed on homegrown grains, and shop bought flour. Spinach and wholegrain available on request  – 5lei/bag

WineKetesd or Bicalat. Country wine from local variety grapes. You either love it or you hate it! 10Lei-12lei for 2 litres. White is normally 12 lei.

Dried beans10lei/kg.

Smoked garlic – Zsuzsi’s two year large garlic variety  smoked in Szilard’s smoke house 3 lei for 4 bulbs – ( not available at the moment).

Lavender plants: Levente Valeni  Small naturally grown lavender plants which can be planted in your garden or a large pot: 2lei per plant

Dried Kalotaszeg fruits and vegetables = apples/zucchinisolar dried by Erzsi neni and me in Valeni. zucchini; not available at the moment.

( not available at the moment) – Assorted dried herbs*for tea and cooking Grown and collected in Kalotaszeg by local people and dried by TKD.about 3 lei for a small bag, See newsflashes at top of order chart for what is available.

**Herb suppliment

The Huedin ‘tarnat/tornac/verandah’ is a shadey, breezy, warm place, perfect for drying outside. We also have a solar drier in Valeni which I fill with the help of my neighbour, Erzsi neni.

Muscatel/Kamila/chamomileCollected by Bozse neni in Bicalat in her courtyard and Agi in Huedin dried by us in boxes on the ‘Tarnat’.

Flori de soc/elderflower/bodza virag – collected by Agi neni and us in all TKD gardens. Dried in boxes on the ‘tarnat’ in Huedin.

Tei/Harsfa/lime flowerscollected by Misi in Valeni.

patrunjel/parsleyErzsi neni, Valeni.

telina/celina/celeriac leavesall TKD growers. Washed and prepared by me. Dried on the tarnat in Huedin.

Nettles/Urzica/Cialan collected by Agi neni in Alunis garden and dried by us in

Lemon balm/ citrom fo/lamaie – collected by me and Agi neni; Dried on ttarnats.

Peppermint/Pipermentha/Borsmenta collected by Agi neni in Alunis garden, washed and prepared into bunches. Dried on the ‘Tarnat’ in Huedin.

Spearmint collected by us in Damos garden, washed and prepared into bunches. Dried on the ‘Tarnat’ in Huedin

sage, salvia/zsalya – collected by Agi neni in Alunis garden. Dried on the ‘Tarnat’ in Huedin.

Cimbru, csombor, summer savorycollected by us and from various Kalotaszeg growers, washed and prepared into bunches. Dried on the ‘Tarnat’ in Huedin.

Raspberry leafValeni

Updated  2nd July 2017