Gustare/Kostolo supports small local producers who live around Huedin, in this area known to us and many as The Kalotaszeg.  These gardeners come to sell their surplus at the historic Tuesday market  (more than 600 years old).  We support them by buying some of each of their produce; and creating a mixed vegetable box which is ordered on-line (an excel chart) by supporters in the city the week prior to market Tuesday.  We know all the local producers by name and village and ask many questions about how they fertilise their land; where they get their seeds from; whether they spray against insects;  what they feed their chickens with (home grown cereals or bought) etc.  The producers are not certified organic.  Of course, at the market some local sellers also have homemade egg pasta, honey, corn, eggs, etc. and these can also be ordered on the chart.

Besides the market, Tarnat-Kalotaszeg-Durabil association has gardens in villages around Huedin, where local people collect more unusual salad leaves from the garden and the wild in order to make large fresh salads, and greens bags.  We also have a couple of ladies who grow wheat and rye for flour; and we turn some of the market produce into easier to transport goodies, such as ghee from butter sourced at market; walnut oil cold pressed; herbs, solar dried etc.  Szilard in Alunis, turns local farmers cow milk into mature cheese, and also makes sheep cheese from the milk of  flock of sheep.

We have a product list which names the producers, and their villages and gives as much information about the produce as possible.