Boxnote 171, August 8 2017,

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


Magyar nyelven

In limba Romana

Despite the joy of being around Beti and tasting her banana, coffee, and honey wine, today’s GK didn’t go completely smoothly; or as smooth as it should when there are so few of us supporting it.

We are making small changes such as asking for the order chart to be completed by Monday afternoon 15.00; as this will save us wasting precious market time on printing it Tuesday morning. Douglas and I will also change our shopping pattern in order to achieve more, faster.

The market authorities, the ‘control’ also decided to make some changes this week. No honey or eggs could be sold in the outside, open air market; only from inside the new market, the hala. So, everyone was selling as usual but from under the table. Recently, inside the new hala, they have been ushering women selling dairy products either into the crowded warm sub rooms of the building , or the main selling rows. The unwanted attention of the authorities may be due to the unnaturally warm weather; misinterpretations of EU legislation; or the all too frequent desire to squeeze the small producer.

We discover it is not only the authorities out to make life very hard for the peasant farmer. Both Kati in Valko made the special healthy nut biscuits for us and then could find nobody to bring to market on her behalf. Transport in a village is a constant problem and by no means a new one. Iren, who used to be the minister’s wife in the village between 1961 and 1974, told us a wonderful story of how visiting etnograph during the 1960s, Keszthelyi Gyulá on seeing that there was no bus from Valcau to Huedin, laid one on. The villagers were overjoyed and the solution of getting school kids to and fro’ Huedin and Sancraiu was solved for several years thanks to his kindness.

( A falu különösen hálás volt Keszthelyi Gyulá. Látta, hogy nincs autóbuszjárat legalább Hunyadra, addig talpalt, amíg egy alkalommal busszal érkezett Valkóra. Nagy volt az öröm, a nép tapsolva fogadta,… ezzel megoldódott pár évig a gyermekek ingáztatása Szentkirályra, Hunyadra, felsőbb osztályokba).

Now the population has decreased; and in every village we know, all too often, a suspicion, a resistance to fully helping one another out is visible.

But we go on and try to bring about good and lasting change. It is a bumper box for enjoying; experimenting with and sharing.

up to date info. On new goodieshomemade healthy biscuits (Both Kati Valcau)– 5 lei for 10-12 biscuits, depending on size.

Homemade healthy original recipe Konya Gyulane mezespogacsa/turta dulce (Mandru Kati, Valcau) – 5 lei for 10 pogs.

Bunches of dried lavander (grown by Levente) – 5 lei, lavander bags, made by Erika and Sandor Erzsi, Valcau– 10 lei

for info./stories about individual goodies and producers, find the veggies below! **

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh tea herbswild and peppermint – Kati, Damos and by Agi, Mogyoro., zsaja/salvia/sage – picked by Agi, Huedin.

Salad – rucola, young dandelion/gyermek lancfu/papadie, purslane (look this up; it is very healthy), sorrel-soska- macris (nyuszi-madar/pasare and common), blue borage flowers, common mallow (purple flower), ..collected by Douglas, Sara, Beti, Kati and Agi in all TKD gardens.

Lettuce – Cristi, Huedin. We’ve been really enjoying these lovely buttery lettuce.

Cooking herbs fodrosz petrinzselym levelet -curly parsley – patrunjel, kati, Damos. Basil-busiuc-bazilia Zsofi neni, Huedin, green corriander seeds – Agi, Mogyoro I like these in a stir fry, csipis paprika/ardei iute/hot peppers, Vincze Eva,Ketesd

mixed Onions/ceapa/hagyma, – Zsofi, Hunyad;Vincze Eva,Ketesd

Carrots, murok, morcov – Zsofi neni, Huedin and Pista, Bicalat

patrunzsely, petrinzselym, hamburg parsely – Gyongy, Jakotelke

vine leaf/szulo levelet/frunzele de struguri Agi, Mogyoro Try the pie Apai Emese discovered for us.

Swiss Chard and other chards – beti, Douglas, Damos, Huedin TKD gardens. Eat the stems, they are just as healthy as the leaves. .

Mixed Peppers/paprika/ardei dark green – Elefant ear variety! – Agi, Huedin, Zsofi, Bicalat; alma paprika – hot round peppers – Zsuzsi, Bicalat. bulgarian pale green hot peppers Eva, Ketesd

Rozsa paszuly/Grozsa fasole/Pink beans kati, Damos and Kati, Ketesd.

Zucchini and radish(the first at market) – Agi, Huedin

Kukorica/Malai/Sweetcorn – Agi, Huedin

Cabbage/Kapuszta/Varza – Vincze Eva,Ketesd

Praz/Pori hagyma/leek – Farkas Eva,I Ketesd.

Sfecla/Cekla/Beetroots – Farkas Eva, Ketesd.

Cucumbers/uborka/castraveti – Piroska. Ketesd.

Paradicsom/Rosii/Tomatoes (cherry) – Zsuzsi, Bicalat, Eva, Ketesd. And

Big KetesdTomatoes. Olimpia, Huedin. olimpia and Nelu got the seed from Vincze neni (Ketesd origin) in Huedin;

bouquet – Maria, Huedin. The white/yellow flowers are feverfew/Kenyer morzsa/Erzsebet virag ooo forgotten how to say in romanian. This is a medicinal plant that can be used for pain relief. Check it out on line

Agi neni – marigold/korom virag/calandula and buza virage/cornflower, both make a useful tea

the Cosmos/Pilango virag is not edible.

Summer Apples/nyari alma/mere de vara – Marianna, Ciuleni,

Summer pears/Perelute/nyari korte – Viorica, Hodis. Marianna, Ciuleni,

Blackberries/szeder/ooo and raspberries/malna/zmeura, – ~Simoc Maria, Huedin.

Other .

kale/kel levelet/varza furaje Agi, Kati, Douglas, TKD gardens.

Cheeses/erett sajt/cascaval maturat – Szilard, Mogyoro.

Nuts/dio/nuci – Magdi, Nearsova.

mezespogacsa/Honey cakes/Turta dulce Mandru Kati, Valko. This is the third time Kati has baked to Konya Gyulane Terezke special historic recipe which originated in the village for sure 85 years ago. See attachment.

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag in a cool place,

Beti jött, hogy segítsen nekünk előkészíteni a vegyes zöldség / gyümölcs, stb dobozokat a Kolozsvari szalitasra. Ezen a héten hozott vele hazi bort banán, kávé és mézbol keszitet. Kellemes, de nem eléggé erőshogy megakadályoza aggodasunkat az “ellenőrzés” miatt, ami tiltja a méz és a tojás értékesítését a szabadtéri piacon. Hozzájárul az előző hetek kontrolljához es ellenorzesehez tejtermelőihez, akik az “uj hala” -ben eladják. Mintha a kis termelo nem volt elég ahhoz, hogy egyszerűen megérjen a piacra. Az elszivárgás, a tömegközlekedés hiánya és a vágy, hogy nincs elég vágy, hogy segítsenek egymásnak a faluban, állandó akadályt jelent.

De a GustareKostolo akció folytatódik, igyekszik jó és tartós változást hozni.

Saptamana aceasta, Beti a venit sa ne ajute sa pregatim cutiile de legume si fructe pentru livrare in Cluj. A adus cu ea banane, cafea si ne-a dat sa incercam un vin facut din miere. Delicios dar nu suficient de puternic incat sa ne opreasca sa ne ingrijoram in privinta controlului impotriva vanzarii de miere si oua in piata in aer liber. Aceasta vine dupa controlul/hartuirea producatorilor de lapte care vand in hala. De parca nu ar fi avut de suferit destul ca sa ajunga la piata. Depopularea, lipsa transportului in comun si lipsa dorintei de ajutorare reciproca sunt obstacole care se adauga mereu.

Insa initiativa G/K continua, incercand sa aduca o schimbare poztiva si de durata.



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