Boxnote. SPECIAL MERA World Music Festival edition. July 29.

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


The Eight Kalotaszeg producers gathered together at the best music festival on earth (this may be an exaggeration!) .. the MERA world music festival. For the first time, we met in the shade of the Buffalo museum courtyard.and organised our produce. Then we indulged in tastings! The Gergely family in Zsobok/Jebuc has tasty goat cheesey things; Levente from Valko brought his lavender plants, and bunches of dried herbs; lavender bags; Pocs Kati came with large glass jars packed with magiun/szilvaiz. Her reputation and great character preceded her and she returned by train pulling the empty trolley behind her along the gravel path.

Mandru Kati made mezespogacsa/turta dulce to the original recipe of Konya Gyulane (iroasszony pattern drawing lady, Valcau!) once again. Everyone enjoyed tasting so much that we quickly ran out of them. Both Kati, in the same village, made some deliciously healthy wheat and rye biscuits flavoured with a little jam in the mix (therefore 99% Kalotaszeg ingredients).  Kati and I made some rye, kovasz breads and everyone got to try a little open sandwich spread with chutney, and topped with Szilard’s cheese. Szilard’s cheese sold like hot cakes; and today we returned to him empty cool boxes and a wad of cash!

Everyone enjoyed smelling Zsuzsi’s (OAR) lavender/homemade vinegar toner which I made to her recipe. The lavender delights went on when we ran into our old friend, Krisztina and Lavender is her life and she makes some amazingly unusual products in Nagykapus/Capusu mare where she lives and grows the lavender.

We think GK supporters would certainly like to indulge more frequently in the above goodies (Mkati is preparing her tins for more mpogacsa/turtas as I type!); so to be added to the product list,

homemade healthy biscuits (Both Kati Valko)– 5 lei for 12 biscuits;

homemade healthy origiinal Konya Gyulane mezespogacsa/turta dulce (Mandru Kati, Valko) – 5 lei for 10 pogs

bunches of dried lavender, lavender bags (Levente) – finding out price!

View lots of photos here

**For more info./stories about today’s box and it’s producers,read on **

Fresh tea herbs peppermint/bors menta – – Domi in Huedin; melissa/citromfu/roinita from TKD garden Mogyoro picked by Agi; Damos picked by Kati.

Salad bagLettuce/salata/salyata – Cristi, Huedin; soska/macris/sorrel – Maria, Huedin, Nasturtium leaves and flower – TKD gardens Valcau,, Emese and jane Kati picking, Rucola, Emese picking, Corriander, – jane Kati picking.

cooking herbs curly parsley,fodrosz petrinzsely levelet/ patrunjel creite, Kati, Damos csimbru/csombor/summer savoury – Maria, Huedin and Eva, Tetis, basil/busiouc/bazilia – , Zsofi neni, Huedin, zeller levelet/frunze de telina/celeriac leaves – Eva Ketesd.

Swiss Chard TKD garden Damos and Huedin, picked Kati, Damos; Douglas, Huedin Eat the stems, they are just as healthy as the leaves, but need to be cooked a little longer.

Peppers/paprika/ardei and hot dark green peppers, Cristi, Huedin .pale green peppers, Zsofi neni, Huedin
Onions/ceapa/hagyma, – Zsofi neni, Huedin
Ustoroi/fokhagyma/garlicTKD Domos
Carrots, murok, morcov – Zsofi neni, and Agi Huedin
Green beans/paszuly/fasole verde- Agi Huedin OR dark green zucchini/tok/dovlecul Agi, Huedin OR sfecla/cekla/beetroots – Zsofi neni, Huedin
Cucumbers/uborka/castraveti – Etelka Ketesd. Teva never sprays her cucumbers. She told me that the stranger shapes you get, the least likely they were to be sprayed. Of course she sows her own eredeti/real Ketesdi/Tetis cucumber seeds. Tetis is famous in our zone for cucumbers.

Tomatoes/rosii/paradicsom – Agi, Huedin. She got her seeds locally which is why she has a real mixed bag. She told us this year her plants are loaded

bouquet de flori/a szep csomagMaria, Huedin. The white/yellow flowers are feverfew/Kenyer morzsa/Erzsebet virag/Spilcuța . This is a medicinal plant that can be used for pain relief. Check it out!

Summer Apples/mere de vara/nyari alma – The parochial, Valcau – collected by Both Kati.


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