Boxnote 170; August 1, 2017

IMG_5635Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

Maybe the sense of excitement making it to Huedin station in the heat on our bikes with GK; listening to Tibor at Zold Fa (GK’s station haunt!), reminisce about the 1960s and how the women would come into the market on foot from Tetis and Bicalat with baskets on their heads and in their hands, full of the biggest juicyist ‘buffalo’ tomatoes, cucumbers; whatever they had in excess, was all a bit too much! Not so for Douglas who has just returned from meeting you guys on a train journey with no opening windows or air con and begun harvesting second generation black oats in the garden.

There is a general swish of pleated skirt excitement at the moment. Yes, the tanchaz (dancing) season is upon us; following on from the top notch music festival in Mera last weekend. I can’t help feeling pretty smug being able to add attending best music festival on earth to our yearly treat list along with best film festival, TIFF and best autumn market, Negreni.

Besides the ‘oop oop oop’ bulizing/partying; we showed and experienced the tastes and smells of eight Kalotaszeg local producers on Saturday (see boxnote special on the blog for details and the new goodies coming GK way)

for info./stories about individual goodies and producers, find the veggies below! **

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh tea herbs

melissa/cirtomfu/roinita picked by Agi, Mogyoro,, wild and peppermintDomi in Huedin, zsaja/salvia/sage – picked by Agi, Huedin.

Salad rucola, young dandelion, purslane, sorrel, soska, macris (nyuszi/pasare and common), blue borage flowers, common mallow (purple flower), nasturtium ( From TKD gardens..collected by Douglas, Sara and Agi in all TKD gardens.
Lettuce Cristi, Huedin. We’ve been really enjoying these lovely buttery lettuce.

cooking herbs parsley, kati, Damos, cimbru/csombor/summer savoury – Maria, Huedin,

Swiss Chard and perpetual spinach Zsofi neni, Huedin Eat the stems, they are just as healthy as the leaves, and Douglas, Damos/Huedin gardens.IMG_5638
Mixed Peppers/paprika/ardei Agi, Huedin and Buske, peppers – buske, Bicalat

mixed Onions/ceapa/hagyma, Zsofi, Hunyad; Gyongy, Horlacea
Grozsa beans/Pink beans/ Anna neni, Ketesd. And Kati, Ketesd.
Carrots, murok, morcov – Zsofi neni, Huedin
Praz/pori hagyma/leek – Eva,I Ketesd.
sfecla/cekla/beetroots – Eva, Ketesd.
zeller/celeriac/telina – Eva II , Ketesd.
Cucumbers – Hajni ifju. Ketesd. Hajni told me that she sprayed her cucumbers against cucumber mosaic virus (which sounds AMAZING!) with a mixture of dried yeast, sugar and water.

Tomatoes – Zsuzsi, Bicalat. this week we selected only the Bicalat varieties of tomatoes .

bouquet Maria, Huedin. The white/yellow flowers are feverfew/Kenyer morzsa/Erzsebet virag ooo forgotten how to say in romanian. This is a medicinal plant that can be used for pain relief. Check it out!

Agi neni – marigold/korom virag/calandula and buza virage/cornflower, both make a useful tea
Summer Apples – Marioara, Flldu de mijloc. The only summer apples in the market.

Other .

kale iAgi, Mogyoro.
Extra tomatoes – Zsuzsi’s little ones, Bicalat. Like the big ones, grown from saved seed.
Nuts/dio/nuci – Annus neni, Ketesd
Lavander infused homemade cider vinegar – Zsuzsi (OAR) shared her recipe with us. I made some for myself and am using it as an astringent on my face. I love the smell.

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!
We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag on the tarnat,


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