Boxnote 168 July 18 2017

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


Susanne joined us at market where we were treated to an amazing event created by Zsuzsi as a finale to the local herb course she was hosting up at the OAR in Rachitee. We and the others at market were treated to some seriously delicious ‘sniffs.’ Our firm favourite was a perfect blue/pink lavender and sage infused homemade apple vinegar which can be used as in a salad dressing or for a toner; similarly there was calandula, yarrow and sage infusion; equally divine. There were homemade ‘zsir/untura’ soaps flavoured with sage and mint; oo and salts infused with sage and wild thyme/cimbrisor/kakakkfu (the latter can be gathered and put into salt directly); even after a few days, the salt is aromatic. An infusion of cimbrisor in honey was also yummy and a powerful sore throat; cough relief. Fresh and mature tincturas such as sunatoare infused in palinka to relieve dark moods (more pics at end of this boxnote).

Thank you Susanne for your enthusiasm and hard work collecting for GK, preparing GK and escorting the packages back to the arms of the GK gang.


` for info./stories about individual goodies and producers, find the veggies below! **

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh tea herbs

melissa Agi neni in Mogyoro and Douglas in Huedin,, spearmint and peppermintsara in Damos and Agi in Mogyoro;

Fennel/edeskomeny and sage – picked by Agi, Huedin. Agi was so funny this week; when I arrived at market she gave me the chamomile she’d collected for drying while waving a wilting branch in front of me asking what it was and if it was any good .. it was SAGE!! I said, Agi how much have you got? It turns out she has some good healthy plants, so from now on she’ll also be picking some nice bunches for us and we can dry. As if the sage surprise wasn’t enough, she then showed me the fennel she has and told me how she likes the seeds for tea in winter. I just searched uses online and see some nice recipes involving lining the dish when baking fish for example (like we did with the vine leaves).

Other sage – picked by Agi, Huedin

Other bits and pieces of sunatoare/coade soareceului/maghiranAgi, Huedin

Salad sorry this was so small due to lack of rain/time of year – rucola – wild wood sorrel/madar/nyul soska, young dandelion leaves, common mallow (purple flower) purslane, ( From TKD gardens..collected by , Doulgas, Susanne in Damos + Huedin, Emese in Valeni, It was Agi neni in Alunis who found the borage flowers and penny cress to top off your salad!

cooking herbs curly parsley, Kuratorne Kati, Valcau, dill – Agi, Huedin csimbru/csombor/summer savoury – eva, Ketesd, basil – Domi, chives and green onions – Doulgas, Damos, celeriac – piroska, Tetis..

edible flowers Agi sent these small lovely posies of calandula and cornflowers and wild garlic (the purple) from Alunis

Swiss Chard and Kale, douglas, Huedin and Damos. Eat the stems, they are just as healthy as the leaves.

peppers Agi, Huedin and Buske, peppers – Cristi

Onions/ceapa/hagyma, Zsofi, Huedin. Hajni, Bicalat

Fresh garlic – Hajni, Bicalat

Green beans Agi, Huedin. OR yellow beans – hajni, Bicalat

Carrots, murok, morcov – Zsofi neni, Huedin

Praz/pori hagyma/leek – Eva, Ketesd.

Zucchini –Zsuzsi Bicalat and Agi, Huedin

Cucumbers – Gyongy, Horlacea

Tomatoes – zsuzsi, Bicalat. And a few from Cristi (Domnul Pandale), grown in Huedin. Zsuzsi’s lovely pink tomatoes have now hit the market; the second Kalotaszeg tomatoes. We were so happy to see our old friend Zsuzsi. It’s the first time she’s been at market this season.

Caise/apricots/. EI was very excited to see these gems on Pista’s table, harvested in Bicalat! They will need ripening off I think. They are the first from Kalotaszeg!

bouquet Maria, Huedin. The white/yellow flowers are feverfew/Kenyer morzsa/Erzsebet virag ooo forgotten how to say in romanian. This is a medicinal plant that can be used for pain relief. Check it out!

Other .

Mature cheese -sheep and cow Szilard, Alunis.

Taitei – thick and wholemeal – Annus neni in Ketesd. .Annus neni made a successful experiment with less taietei/bran korpa than normal; the reslults were good.

Honeys – Salcam from Nelu and Olimpia in Huedin.

Creams – Were AMAZING this week. Thick and delicious! Livia and Vio Hodis.

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