Boxnote 163 June 13 2017

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


Our group becomes more unique. Last night, Mihaela stepped in to help out Agnes with her collection today; then this afternoon, Agnes stepped in to help out Zsolt but Darius beat her to it and helped Zsolt receive his honey in the end!

That’s a pretty helpful group especially when this week we were so few. As a group, I feel we have remained loyal to two essential beliefs,

. food as meaning

seasonal, health, pleasure, fun, shared, local, positive impact, knowledge, gift, discovery, relationship

market as source.

And it feels hopeful. If we can be and can do all this, surely we are encouraging to others and we can think about and try to overcome the problems our dear food creators are facing.

Today I heard that in Hodis, there are more than a hundred cows. There is a cow herder but no milk collection which is why so many from Hodis come to market with their milk and make cream, branza dulce. And the people get older.*

I think it is only by working together that we can bring about lasting change and our group seems to be very good at doing that! Our day of help started when Darius arrived to prepare your packages. Szilard helped us arrive at the station and Darius escorted the goodies to Cluj, and distributed them to you at the station and further afield.

* We have formed a small sub GK group for those of us who would like to share info. About cow/buffalo situations in the village and develop ideas to create solutions for this and other happenings where the problems are hitting. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the group.

for info./stories about individual goodies and producers, find the veggies below! **

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh tea herbs fenyfa hajtas/mugur de pin – sophia in Belis. I was surpised to see these at market and delighted. Cool Belis still has them at a good size! I’m going to cut mine up and infuse in water for 24 hours; then i’m going to add honey to taste and pasteurize.

blackcurrant leaves – sARA in Damos, melissa, soc/elderfower/bodza virag;; – Agi neni in Mogyoro,, mint – ; – Agi neni in Mogyoro, sARA in Damos, Domi in Huedin.

Salad young penny cress rucola – wild and garden; cress-cresson; red lettuce; sorrel, young beetroot leaves*, wood sorrel/madar soska/macris de iepure! (this is the little leaf, like a three leafed clover with yellow flower; doesn’t it have lovely names in all of our languages?) From TKD gardens..collected by , Sara in Damos; Agi neni in Alunis, ..

* today I had sad news about Piroska’s beetroot in Tetis. Every year we enjoy her delicious beetroot but apparently this year deer have eaten the lot. All too often we hear about deer and wild pig destroying crops.

lettuce/salyata – Zsofi, Huedin.

cooking herbs flat parsley, Zsofi, Huedin. curly parsley kurator Kati, dill annus, Tetis; chives – Agi neni in Alunis, Sara in Damos; sage, leustcean, corriander – Agi neni in Alunis,

vine leaves agi neni, Mogyoro. I’ve got some of these and am excited to make the stuffed vine leaves that Apai Emese shared with me at TIFF.

Green onions, ceapa verde, Zsofi, Huedin. Zsofi sold her goodies in record time today, hence the photo of her (nearly) empty space.

Fresh garlic – Zsofi, Huedin

perpetual spinach – Zsofi neni., Huedin. Eat the stems too! They contain much goodness. We also run our hand along the leaf to separate stem from leaf and then we chop the stems and cook these for a little longer than the leaves.

Zsofi thinks this is all she will bring to market next week. This is still the hungry gap period. We can see at market even the Crazna, market gardeners with solar and cars, don’t have a great variety. It is they from Paleo (near Oradea) with cherries grown in their hectare of cherry tree orchard; and others with peppers; tomatoes; who steal the show! It is impossible for Kalotaszeg to compete.

Radish – Maria, Bolic,

Peas – Roka Magdi (her hair was red when she was young), Tetis, and Buske, Bicalat. Magdi was popping her peas on the spot and when I asked her what she was going to do with the shucks, she told me she would throw them away … I told her about pea pod soup so we got the pods! That will be our starter tonight!

Tomatoes – Domnule Pandale, grown in Huedin.

gooseberries/egres/ageres – l. Annuska, Tetis.

flowers Agi sent a lovely posy from Alunis, which inspired Darius and I to rustle up a little look alike from the Huedin garden! I love the smell of the calandulas and the leaves.


Kale shoots, we stir fry these like broccoli Agi neni in Alunis

chives/snidling/metelo hagyma – douglas in Damos,

Mature cheese -sheep and cow – Szilard, Alunis.

Taitei – thick and wholemeal – Annus neni in Ketesd. Annus neni’s second time at making this for us. I’m very excited to try it and to get your feedback. The thin pasta is with shop bought flour and made by Olimpia.

Next week I will give Annus neni some more wholemeal flour to make more wide pasta and to make an experiment for thin pasta too (it will be ready the following week; 27 June)

Barley/Rye flour – Damos, Kadar Kati and Torok Erzsi. I was a bit sad that these flours got mixed at the mill especially when Kadar Kati told me what a weak flour barley is! In spite of this, as our sour dough bread rises on the tarnat in sunshine; it looks like it’s all performng well! Mihaela is trialilng the flour with her father’s well loved recipe. Boiled flour with a little jam on top. It sounds a bit like semolina pudding and deliciously healthy. We wait for her opinon.

I was telling Darius how the merges Neni (her nickname) always had mamaliga/puliszka made from barley flour and not corn when she was a girl. Darius immediately realised that it was/is probably quite difficult to grow malai/kukorica in Kalotaszeg. This makes good sense!

Lavender plants – Levente, Valcau. Levente dashed to visit his mum in hospital. She has a virus. Many of the older ladies in the village have a cold that won’t budge.

Honeys – salcam; Szilveszter’s in Damos and Nelu in Huedin. They both take their bees to the same salcam spot after Almas to drink in the nectar.

Eggs (all fed with homegrown cereals/potatoe etc.);Kantorgyurine Kati,

Cream – Jenica, Hodis from cow milk

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag on the tarnat, which is fine except when the small birds are very hungry


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