Boxnote 161 May 30 2017

 Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

Gosh! So many interesting stories and chats this previous week!! Out of the one about the thickness of Annus neni’s pasta (the thicker version of which she will roll and cut thicker – she has no machine – will be coming to us in two weeks time due to the whitsun holiday next week) came an idea that some healthy things are also time saving (which could and are be deemed lazy in some cultures), eg. not peeling veggies ………. milling flour with a stone and not separating the bran from the flour …… not washing hair with soap (Douglas has done this for years, only with water – maybe that’s why he’s gone white!) etc.  

Maybe Douglas’ hair is even whiter recently due to dashing very early to meet Levente on the school bus.(who this week brought Emese’s collections from Bagolyvar, Valcau; Both Kati’s delicious sheep butter; and his lavander plants). This week, Douglas made a second journey to meet Andras and the Mogyoro school bus with his mother’s Agi neni’s pickings. Later, during our coffee break, he dashed again to meet Szilveszter who had brought goodies out of Petrinzsel/Kispetri).

This week we had the joy to share our coffee break with Viorica from Morlaca. Viorica brought us some butter, so we were overjoyed! This means there will be a little ghee from next week. Punkasd and Rusala colliding may mean a smaller than normal GK next week .. (three consecutive days of church services are in store). There won’t be bread but you are okay for cheese.

It was good news for, and about the cows in Morlaca. They have two ciordar in the village of 600 approx. inhabitants! And the cow herds are at either end of the village; I think there could even be a third one too. The ciordar are a large gypsy family; they have a house there and are part of the community. We have formed a small sub GK group for those of us who would like to share info. About cow/buffalo situations in the village and develop ideas to create solutions where the problems are hitting. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the group.

**** for info./stories about individual goodies and producers, find the veggies below! **

Thanks to the Gustare team who helped us bring the goodies to you this week: Deni arrived just when we’d ‘scored 35 eggs!!’ .. which meant everyone who ordered could get eggs! Yes, we were very lucky that the teacher’s wife in Valcau sent late and we were in the right place at the right time. We were for sure in the right place because I also had the good fortune at the same time to meet Annus neni from Iz. Crisului (see photo)  I haven’t seen her for probably a year and we chatted about the old sewing greats in her village.IMG_5062

Deni and Douglas collected your Gustare in Huedin; and organised all the packages with help from me! Szilard helped us arrive at the station and we helped Deni onto the train. Deni accompanied your packages and organised everything for you. Our very great thanks go to her. We are all the more appreciative because we know the sunshine is calling and before long all the Gustare support will have flown. It would be great if you can start thinking about how your Tuesday schedule looks and whether occasionally you’d like to join in the game here in Huedin!

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh herbs all mints in all gardens (Erzsika’s too) are resting!, melissa, lemon balm, blackcurrant leaf tips from

Curatorne Kata in Damos, Agi neni in Mogyoro, Emese in Valcau

elderflowers from Agi neni in Mogyoro and The ladies of Petrinzsel (wooo cool name for a rockband!! ha). They assured me they had oregano and sent their collections but unfortunately when it arrived we discovered it to be the humble marjoram once again!  Next week we hope for Oregano from Bagolyvar garden! 

Salad ustoroita-kanyarzsombor-jack by the hedge/red lobodo/young penny cress/ lamb’s lettuce/ rucola – wild and garden/chevril – turbolya-hasmatiu/macris-sorrel- soska/ cress-cresson /spring beauty/red lettuce/chickweed

(Agi neni collected this for the first time .. it was hard for her because there are many similar non tasty weeds nearby .. but look how lovely the little leaves are! See photo /

/, From TKD gardens..collected by me, Curatorne Kata in Damos, Douglas, Deni in Huedin; Agi neni in Alunis, Emese in Valcaul

notice that we already wave goodbye to chicory leaves (despite protests from Agi neni!) and leustcean which have become bitter, as the plants begin to shoot …..

cooking herbs parsley Maria, Huedin; dill Annus neni, Tetis; sage – Agi neni in Alunis, Emese in Valcau, chives/snidling/metelo hagyma – Curatorne Kata in Damos, Douglas, Deni in Huedin; Agi neni in Alunis, Emese in Valcaul, marar-kopor-dill Annus neni in Ketesd

lettuce/salyata – Eva Ketesd,, Zsofi, Huedin.

Green onions, ceapa verde, Zsofi, Huedin

Fresh garlic – Annus neni,Ketesd, Zsofi, Huedin and Douglas in Huedin

Spinach/spanac/spenotMaria, Huedin

perpetual spinach – Zsofi neni, Huedin.

 Macris/soska/sorrel Maria, Huedin

Cabbage/Varza/Kapuszta Domnul Pandele, Huedin. Domnul Pandele

Carrots/moroc/murok – erzsi, Damos, and Hajni Tetis – saved, cherished and finally dragged out of cellars before the whitsun holiday. Take comfort in knowing what Deni and we received were worse!!

If you are desperate for roots, head for PMV (Piata Mihai Viteazul); just in case you didn’t get chance to see Simona’s useful info. From last week, fresh carrots – the table near the producers who now have “rasaduri” – they are 2 brothers (sometimes there is their mom or wives too) one brother is wearing glasses, the other is tall and smiley (i think Joszef is his name) and the table is facing Oncos; they have mint too (and besides them is Iulika neni who has rhubarb, macris and eggs

and the other ones, with the carrots; are one line before these brothers, and perpendicular; husband and wife, and they have oil,and poppyseed and a few types of flour (I bought fresh baby potatoes from them – scumptious’

Broccoli/Brokol Domnul Pandele, Huedin. Yes, wow .. I was blown away when I got to market and saw these goodies early this morning. Silvia, Domnul Pandele’s mother was pretty excited too. Unfortunately the great man (and he really is a good chap) was having a lie down probably (it is ALWAYS a very full on morning for him and his family!). She told me he sowed the seed and picked out each plant individually. Next week, fingers crossed we may have more; and more info. About the seed!

Rhubarb – The ladies of Kispetri/Petrinzsel

bodza rozsa/peony/ – I love this ‘plosive’ Bo…. in the hungarian name; just so onamatapeic! Hajni, Ketesd (SEE PHOTOS)


Kale shoots, we stir fry these like broccoli Agi neni in Alunis

Corriander – Agi neni in Alunis and Emese in Valcau

Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. Today I thought Szilard had invented a new flavour cheese, Plum!! Then I saw a small 500 ml next to it and realised it was palinka!!

Nuts – Erzsi from Valcau and Florica from Huedin/Damos. We see Florica and her husband in their field whenever we cycle to Damos and we salute them. .

Eggs (all fed with homegrown cereals/potatoe etc.); Hajni, Babony .. Olimpia, Hajni’s daughter in law asked me for feedback about the quality and yolk colour of her mother in law’s hens’ eggs! So i’ve started writing on the boxes whose eggs you’ve got. Feedback encouraged!! No news yet though from Arany about the iroasszony/pattern drawing ladies in the village but we are working on it! Hajni, Ketesd and Erzsika, Valcau.

Cream – Jenica, Hodis from cow milk. I was able to pay off my galeata debt to Livia thanks to the returned pots Deni brought with her. Keep them coming!! You should have seen the joy the sign of these WITH matching lids brought!

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Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag on the tarnat, which is fine except when the small birds are very hungry


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