Boxnote 159 May 16 2017


Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

This week was ‘rasadari/palanta’ kick off week! Every table was full of bundles of plants .. from KRAZNA – big town full of market gardeners. As a result there was very little space for the small Kalotaszeg sellers. As this is a yearly, predicatable event, many locals did not even attempt wrestling to get a table space at market. Many of the smallest sellers do not have anything to sell with last year’s root vegetables over and this years not yet begun. This growing period in english is known as the hungry gap.

BUT with the amazing GK team, we are not really feeling the ‘gap;! !! This week Csilla in Damos organised ladies in Kispetri village to pick the fenyfa rozs/the mugur .. and the galagonya/the hawthorn .. and of course, their delicious rhubarb. Once again the packages arrived in stages like last week, yesterday evening to Ketesd; they then continued on their journey to market this morning (thanks to Eva).

If you, like me, are into these beautiful chains of people helping one another, here’s another one. Levente arrived yesterday afternoon from Valko. He is the school bus driver and he came to bring the kids back home from school, with his lavender plants for us all, along with the topinambur/arvokrumpli/jerusalem artichokes that Douglas had dug in Bagolyvar at the weekend, and the pickings of Mandru Kati (who collected in 208 garden for us). And, we are not over yet. Szekely Edit gathered her biggest kale leaves and sent her plants for you to try out. These were sown in the spring .. Edit thinks they may go on to adulthood and produce leaves; Douglas thinks they may behave like brassicas in spring, and start producing seeds. Sooo, if you have some you are part of an amazing experiment! Let us know what happens.

Agi neni hit the market again with her pickings for you from Alunis. She is now firm friends with Curatorne Kati (who collects with me in Damos garden for you every week).

Another effect of the rasadari/palanta epidemic was a lack of scales on the market tables. The larger (richer) sellers (normally from Crazna) always hire scales to weigh their (many) products .. but you don’t need scales to weigh plantlets! So the smaller local sellers and we did not have as much access to weighing devices as usual!

The hungry gap is well under way with the local honey producers, Szilveszter and Olimpia/Nelu who have all run out of honey. We are waiting for the salcam/akacfa to bloom and the new season of honey to begin. Let’s hope for sunshine for those blooms to enjoy!

Ooo and if anyone would like to receive the Romanian Environmental Newsletter (this is edited by Douglas and comes out quarterly) mail or private message me on FB and I put you onto the emailing list.

Thanks to the Gustare team who helped us bring the goodies to you this week: Gil and Giurec* who blew into the market. Guirec on a folding very orange bicycle; and Gil with his beautiful hair flying behind him. Our dear, unmistakeable helpers! And how we needed them. We all collected in the Huedin garden in sunshine and then wrestled organising so many purchases for this most massive (12 boxes) GK that has hit this earth. Szilard patiently waited for us and then got us and the goodies to the station and onto the train (he left his own packages at the market with a neighbour guarding them until he returned!); Gil and Guirec accompanied this enormous amount of packages on the already packed train whereupon Deni met them and organised your GK to be collected! Later, Douglas will create this weeks blog post because Carmen is in transition (into something even more lovely!).

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Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh herbs spearmint, peppermint, blackcurrant leaves, marjoram (many find this pretty weak as a tea but try it out, or in cooking and check it out online. It’s pretty healthy),

Kuratorne Kati and Guirec, Gil, Douglas, Agi neni, in Damos, Huedin and Alunis.

Medicinal herbs – hawthorn/galagonyatelke, paducel Ibolya, Tetiis.= said to regulate blood pressure;

Salad ustoroita-kanyarzsombor-jack by the hedge/red lobodo// chicory/ lamb’s lettuce/ rucola/chevril – turbolya-hasmatiu/macris-sorrel- soska/ cress/spring beauty, From TKD gardens..collected by me, Curatorne Kata in Damos, Douglas, Gil and Guirec in Huedin; Agi neni in Alunis

lettuce/salyata – Kati mandru, Valko and Eva Ketesd. The first to arrive at market!

Macris/soska/sorrel Piroska, and Annuska Ketesd

or Kale or kale shoots, we stir fry these like broccoli Szekely Edit and Agi neni in Alunis and Mandru Kati, Valko

or pea tops or bean tops we love these crude or in a salad. Agi neni in Alunis and Mandru Kati, Valko

Green onions, ceapa verde, Curatorne Kata in Damos

Fresh garlic – Annus neni,Ketesd and Korpas Erzsi in Huedin

/leustean-loveage/parsley/petrinzsely levelet/patrunjel/marar-kopor-dill (has hit the market in abundance -. a sure spring sign!) Agi neni, in Alunis, Korpas Erzsi in Huedin, Piroska and Domi in Bicalat/Huedin, and Annus neni in Ketesd and Elizabeta in Huedin.

Spinach/spanac/spenotMaria, Huedin mainly and Annus neni in Ketesd

Carrots/morcov Torok Erzsi, Damos

onions/hagyma/ceapa – Torok Erzsi, Damos

Jerusalem artichoke/arva krumpli/cartofi porcei/topinambur Douglas, Alunis. These tubors are VERY healthy. Read about them here.

zeller/celina/celeriac Torok Erzsii, Damos and Korpas Erzsi, Huedin.


pasturnak/parsnip/ – Marianna, Ciuleni

Guli/Kohlrabi/Domnul Pandele, Huedin. Domnul Pandele came to Kalotaszeg from Bucharest and is a market gardener in Huedin with polytunnels. He is passionate about growing and selling, so he’s pretty successful and doesn’t need our regular support. He uses small amounts of peat to fertilise his soil (because of the lack of cows and manure in Huedin) but because peat use is very detrimental to planet, we only buy from him when rather desperate.

Beans/Paszuly/Fasole Etelke, Ketesd (hers are the tiger beans), Erzsi, Nearsova, Florica, Hunyad, Annus Neni Tetis, Ibolya, Tetiis.

Rhubarb – picked by Ionka, and Pirsoka in Kispetri


Lavender plantsKovacs Levente, Valko. \[lant up to top of roots and then cut the top of the bush in order to encourage new growth. Then next year ag thix time, do it again. These plants were grown by Levente on his land as an experiment. You need to plant up to the top of the root and then cut the top so it will make a nicely shped bushe.

More info. In HU –\kert\196-levendula-metszese

Cheese – Szilard, Alunis.

Pasta/Taietei – Olimpia, Huedin (made last Thursday), and Annus neni (Annus neni in Tetis is making an experiment for us next week using Kadar Kati’s Damos flour with korpa/tarate/bran to make pasta using her own hazi eggs (21 chickens – 3 cockerels, 2 of which are lili – little cockerels. They eat greens/ They love this (just like us!) at this time of year! And they have homegrown corn.

Flour/Faina/Liszt with Korpa/tarate/bran – kadar Kati, Damos .

Rozs/Secara/Rye liszt .. – Torok Erzsi, Damos. Milled in Sancraiu.

Eggs (all fed with homegrown cereals/potatoe etc.); Florica – Huedin, Erzsi – Huedin, Korpas Erzsi – Huedin, Edit – Bicalat, Annus neni – Ketesd, Bori – Almas, Curatorne Kati – Damos, Florica – Sancraiu.

Cream – Jenica, and Livia and Vio (gras! – that’s her nickname), Hodis from cow milk.

Wine/bor/vin – Hajni, Tetis

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag on the tarnat, which is fine except when the small birds are very hungry

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