Boxnote 158 May 9 2017, Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

IMG_4737Summer shone into the market today when Deni arrived. I really needed that after hearing that I had probably received the last butter ever from the market. Viorica, in Morlaca has sold a cow (her mother sold her cows two years ago). Another Viorica; Viorica Cline, my old chum, sold her buffalo in the winter (and I haven’t drank buffalo milk ever since, nor eaten buffalo butter, or cream). Hopefully, back in Morlaca the butter making Viorica will still have enough milk to churn for butter for her family, but she won’t for me or you; and there will be no more ghee.

Declining beast numbers means that this year there is no cow herder/ciorda/csardas in Huedin, and Valeni. It is probably the same story in other villages too. The only villages I know WITH a herder in Kalotaszeg are Sancraiu, Damos and Hodis. Nearby Bicalat and Tetis have no cows or buffalo any more.

If there are no animals, or fewer, there is less manure; for example, in Bicalat people have to buy manure and it comes with a pretty high price tag; or, the easier option to fertilise the soil is taken, AZOT. If there are no cows or buffalo, there is no milk for drinking, cooking with etc. in the village, so what do we become in the village? What do we do?

The market slowly dies, and you bring it on faster if you surrender to the supermarket. Also, if you buy these goods produced by the large factories supplying the supermarkets, you condone loss of work satisfaction, automation and unemployment. So, for another reason I ask what do we do? I don’t have an answer, but i’m looking, and now I hope you too will start looking, because this rolling ball doesn’t start or end with butter.

Thanks to the Gustare team who helped us bring the goodies to you this week: Darius who came to market for the first time to help GK) and Deni who prepared your packages; Szilard who helped get us and the goodies to the station and onto the train; Deni and Darius who accompanied them to Cluj whereupon Guirec met the train and organised your GK to be collected! Later, Carmen will create this weeks blog post. Check out Carmen’s new wonderful work on the HPM blog

Lots of local small farmers with fresh food, free range, organic eggs, cheese, herbs; some with seasonal craft such as soc ks in winter, christmas decorations, other …


GK can work because of the amount of help we have organising on the ground, friends coming to Huedin to help prepare the veggie boxes; to transport the foods back to the city on the train; to distr…

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it and where!

Fresh herbs spearmint, peppermint, blackcurrant leaves, sage, marjoram (many find this pretty weak as a tea but try it out, or in cooking and check it out online. It’s pretty healthy), Kuratorne Kati and Deni, Darius and Douglas Agi neni, in Damos, Huedin and Alunis.

We forgot to take some of the collections for ourselves this week, so pity us as you sip on you delicious teas!

Lily of the valley/Gyongy virag or The narcissus (sp?!) are not edible!!! Just for air freshening , Kato, Bicalat and Hajni Ketesd

Salad ustoroita/kanyarzsombor/ chicory/ lamb’s lettuce/ rucola/chevril – turbolya-hasmatiu/ parsley, cress, broad bean tops, spring beauty, From TKD gardens..collected by me, Curatorne Kata in Huedin; Douglas, Darius, and Deni in Huedin; Agi neni in Alunis

Macris/soska/sorrel – Zsofi, Maria, Huedin, Erzsi Tetis; Agi, Alunis

Green onions, ceapa verde, Zsofi neni and Domi/Erzsika, Huedin.

you may like to know something about our onions (you get only the thick green part of ours). These are properly named perpetual onions; there are many different types. Some names are Welsh onions, Egyptian onions and walking onions. The root stays in the ground; the green tops are cut; and if it rains enough the green shoots will come once again. The root can usually also be eaten, but it is small and usually not very tasty

Fresh garlic/leustean-loveage/rucola/snidling-chives- metelo hagyma (or as Agi neni has christened them, Pasztor Hagyma) us, Agi neni, Kuratorne Kati, Guirec

Parsley/petrinzsely levelet – Erzsike/Domi

marar/kopor/dill – Erzsike/Domi and Marioara, Huedin

Radish/retek/ridiche Gyongyi, Horlacea

Spinach/spanac/spenotMaria, Huedin and Gyongyi, Horlacea

Onions/Ceapa/Hagyma Husszar Kati, Damos. I got into a bit of onion research this week. Piri/pirita is onion that is grown from a small bulb. It can be quite sharp but it is a good keeper. Arpagic or palanta hagyma is grown from a growing onion (brought on by seed sown in the autumn); these form very tasty onions which are not sharp and can be called (especially by Bozse neni in Bicalat) enni valo hagyma, eating onions.

Carrots/morcov Viorica, Rasca; Kantorne Kati and Torok Erzsi, Damos

Jerusalem artichoke/arva krumpli/cartofi porcei/topinambur Douglas, Alunis. These tubors are VERY healthy. Read about them here.

Thank you Linda, for this forthcoming and funny post. After the experience with Yotam Ottolenghi’s from his Jerusalem cookbook, Roasted chicken with a full pound of …


Red lobodo Darius, Huedin


zeller/celina/celeriac Torok Erzsi, Damos

Guli/Kolrabi/Domnul Pandele, Huedin. Domnul Pandele came to Kalotaszeg from Bucharest and is a market gardener with polytunnels. He is passionate about growing and selling, so he’s pretty successful and doesn’t need our support. He uses small amounts of peat to fertilise his soil (because of the fertilising land problems above) but because peat use is very detrimental to planet, we only buy from him when rather desperate.


Cheese – Szilard, Alunis.

Pasta/Taietei – Olimpia, Huedin (made last Thursday).

Honey – Acacfa/Salcam – Szilveszter, Damos

Nuts – Curatorne Kati, Lorincz Erzsika, Erzsika+Domi. There was no need to ask Erzsika when and how she cleaned her nuts because she was doing it at market. (see photo). She was doing this and I exclaimed what a great idea and Erzsi, Bicalat.

Hamei/komlo hajtas /hop tips – collected by surprise by Agi in Alunis. When we saw on the Gustare chart on Monday morning that Susanne wanted them; we tried to contact Agi to no avail because her daughter in law, with the mobile, was not in the village. We chose to ask Agi because Alunis is a bit coller than other places and I believe the shoots are young enough. The tips are very delicious. Remove the lower woody part of the stems and fry with onion, toss in garlic and add tomato or cream. Or the traditional way is to follow a bean soup recipe substituting the hops for the beans.

Dried apples/mere uscata – Magiun/prune/szilvaiz – Pocs Kati. I heard that yet another woman in Cluj (besides Simona!) has become a fan of Kati’s 100% fruit jam.

Eggs (all fed with homegrown cereals/potatoe etc.); Viorica Hodis (Viorica has 20 chickens); Zsebe Kati and Piroska: Kati, Nearsova.

Cream – made on Sunday in a separator by Jenica, Hodis from cow milk.

Faina de malai/kukorica liszt – Eva, ketesd

Kale/Varza Furaje/Kel levelet – Agi neni , Alunis

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean like pasta and cheese. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

We hang the cheese (wrapped in paper) in net bag on the tarnat, which is fine except when the small birds are very hungry

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