Boxnote 155 April 4 2017, Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

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The smantana/frisca; tejfol/tejszin adventures continued this week when Csilla in Damos told me that smantana/tejfol must be skimmed from the top of milk that has been standing in a room for several days and has gone sour (aludt tej) whereeas frisca must be skimmed from milk that has been sitting for only, at most, half a day. I think this is where the definition problems are beginning. Jenica, for example, has a separator and makes her cream from fresh milk on a Sunday to sell at market on Tuesday. Her cream is always 20170322_160748good and always sweet; I think she has tejszin/frisca, but she isn’t so sure. The conclusion so far, is that the arrival of the ‘separator’ has rather screwed up definitions and maybe, traditions.

It seems though that we are right in thinking that the villagers never traditionally made frisca/tejszin because they didn’t eat torta/fancy creamy Varosi/towny cakes and rather plumped for panko/gogos; clatite/hig palacsinata (I just love all these low sugar/low cream cakes). This was the general consensus of the ‘kurtos kalacs’ team in Valko last Friday! The small group of women, were, by the way, making 100 kurtos kalacs! Now there is a bit of very ancient baking (1700 first written record – if anyone can outdo this, let us know!)

Deni and Gil with help from Oana (chart preparation) me and Douglas organised your GK

this week. Szilard helped get us and the goodies to the station and onto the train; Whereupon Deni accompanied the goods to Cluj and Guirec met the train and organised your GK to be collected! Later, Carmen will create this weeks blog post. Our thanks to everyone involved today.


Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it for you and where! Gil said he was impressed by how many people played a part at market in its creation!

dried – lemon balm, dried in the solar drier in Valeni by pandurne Erzsi. – , mint collected and strung up by Agi. You can see the photo of the herby table!

Onions, ceapa, feher es piros hagyma Maria in Huedin and Bozse neni II in Bicalat and Torok Erzsi and Erzsi II, Damos

Fresh garlic/garlic and perpetual onion leaves/leustcean/snidling-chives- metelo hagyma (or as Agi neni has christened them, Pasztor Hagyma)! us, Kuratorne Kati, Agi neni TKD gardens in Alunis, Damos and Huedin

a bit of a bigger salad – (12) varieties- papadie – pity pang/ustoroita-kanyarzsombor /padbasal/untisor- szentgyorgy salyata (Szilard’s regionalism) or boglarka salyata or lesser celandine or kakukk salyata (Erzsika Bikal regionalism!)

…We bid farewell to lessercelandine as the flowers are coming and the leaves are losing their lovely dark green colour.

sorrel – soska- macris/chicory/coada soarecului- cikkafa/lobodo sprouts/lambs lettuce/chevril – turbolya – hasmatiu/ parsley/…all sprinkled with sweet violets (which are now smelling very sweetly indeed!) and pulmonaria/dongo virag. You can eat both of these posies or put them in water (I did this last week with my pulmonaria and they were very lovely and lasting). Pulmonaria as the name suggests is very good for the lungs

..collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos (you can see us in the sunshine, collecting yesterday) and Huedin; and Agi neni in Alunis from TKD gardens.

Nettles/ciolan/urzici – collected by Agi neni in Alunis.

Carrots, morcov – Hajni, Tetis.Grown from her own saved seed, Kuratorne kati, Damos Pista, Bicalat

petrinzselm gyokor/hamburg parsley/ petrinzelGyongyi, Horlacea. Gyongyi gave us the last of her kormos apples so Gil is hopefully, munching on them in Damos right now! Gil is having an adventure this week in the TKD gardens with Douglas. You can imagine Doulgas’ and the gardens’ joy.


celeriac/zeller Valeria, Nearsova; Erzsika, Huedin; Erzsi, Tetis; Gyongy, Nearsova. TIMG_4262orok Erzsi, Damos

Bishops weed or ground elder/podagarfi – kecske lab/caprei piciorul – collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos.

OR Peas/mazare/borso. We got these from big Piroska in Tetis. We had a kiss at market because this was the first time she has returned since her illness. She was unexpectedly ill, in hospital in Cluj; operated on twice with 5 stitches left inside her. She was looking a bit yellow and tired; but she enjoyed the market and was happy to be back.

OR topinambur/arva/edes krumpli/ jerusalem artichokes us, Valeni

Jerusalem artichokes, also called sunchokes, aren’t like regular artichokes. These root vegetables have a taste that’s similar to water chestnuts, and you…

OR kale or us and Agi neni , Huedin and Alunis

beans/paszuly/fasole –buffalo beans, Gyongy, Horlacea and Annus neni Tetis; interesting colour beans Maria – in Huedin. , Magdi, Tetis and white ones, Kati, Damos

Apples/alma/mere – the amazing keepers, Jonatan Veronica and Jon Puris Fildu de Mijloc. They rarely come to market but when they do, they have some super apples.

.. ooo and one little apple from Pista, Bicalat.


Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. Szilard’s got some smoked cheese and some cow/sheep (contains only 10% approx sheep but gives a lovely sheep flavour);

Pasta/Taietei – Olimpia, Huedin (made yesterday).

Eggs ; Erzsi x 2, Nyuszi, Hussar Kati, Ancuta – all in Damos.

Magiun/Szilvaiz – Pocs Kati –

Rhubarb compot – Grown and collected by ladies in Kispetri; pasteurized into compot using Olimpia and Nelu’s honey by me and Douglas in Huedin.

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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