Boxnote 154 March 28 2017

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

deni box


It was only at the eleventh hour I remembered that the kispetri ladies and we made some rhubarb honey syrup compot, pastuerized for GK last autumn. We also have gooseberries that were collected in Bagolyvar garden, Valeni in 2016 by Erzsi and Ferine; then cleaned by pandurne Erzsi neni (also other very nice gooseberries were bought ready cleaned by Kati in Valeni). We then pasteurized in a waterbath in honey syrup (Olimpia and Nelu’s) in Valeni. We thought this work was a good way to spread some money around and make something delicious. A big jar costs 8 lei, if you’d like one put the order in the extras column of the chart.

See below in the various goodies sections for recipes; and smantana and frisca; tejfol and tejszin adventures!

Guirec with help from Alin (the chart printing) me and Douglas organised your GK this week. Szilard and Roger helped get us and the goodies to the station and onto the train; Whereupon Guirec accompanied it all to Cluj whereupon Deni organised the goodies to be collected! And later, Douglas will create this weeks blog post. Our thanks to everyone involved today.

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it for you and where! Guirec said what a bumper box; and I declared how much i’d like to get this box of goodies!!

dried – lemon balm, dried in the solar drier in Valeni by pandurne Erzsi. – , mint collected and strung up by Agi; celeriac bought at market; both dried on the tarnat in Huedin by me.

Onions, ceapa, feher es piros hagyma Nyuszi, Torok Erzsi in Damos and Bozse neni II in Bicalat.

Garlic Bozse Bicalat and us, Valeni.

a bit of a bigger salad – (13) varieties- papadie – pity pang/ustoroita-kanyarzsombor /hasmatiu/padbasal/untisor – sosok (Deni’s home village regionalism; it almost sounds like a play on ‘soska’ macris in hungarian)– szentgyorgy salyata (Szilard’s regionalism) or boglarka salyata or lesser celandine*/sorrel – soska- macris/chicory/coada soarecului- cikkafa/lobodo sprouts/lambs lettuce/chevril – turbolya – hasmatiu/ parsley/…all sprinkled with sweet violets (which are now smelling very sweetly indeed!) and pulmonaria/dongo virag (it’s hard holding Agi neni back on flower picking because she loves it so much. This is why you have two bunches of flowers this week .. you can eat the pulmonaria posy or put it in water. I’m dong both with mine!) .. and a little bunch of green onion/garlic, collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos and Huedin; and Agi neni in Alunis and the sorrel was topped up by Zsofi neni, Huedin.

*Szilard gave us a lovely recipe for untisor/soskat/lesser celandine If you’d like a separate bag of next week to have a go, let me know!

Szilard washes the leaves and wilts them with garlic and salt. He adds some water and vinegar; and then makes an omlette using szalonna/slalina (for meat eaters) and chops it up and throws it in. Voila!

Nettles/ciolan/urzici – collected by Agi neni in Alunis. Pandurne Erzsi in Valeni told me last week that she has never eaten spinach. She declared it not to be a falusi (village thing) but rather a varosi/towny thing.

Bishops weed or ground elder/podagarfi – kecske lab/caprei piciorul – collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos.

Carrots, morcov – Kuratorne Kati, Damos (Kati bought her seed at market); Vincze Husszar Andras Kati Damos (some of her seed is dutch and some is her own) and Valerica, Nearsova

potatoes/krumpli/cartofi Hajni, Tetis. I asked Hajni about Colorado and she said she sprayed once only against the bug; and uses manure to fertilise her land.

I also asked about old pattern drawing people in Tetis/iroember .. and she told me about Szekeres Gyurka who apparently was not very good at drawing and only used by the varrono/the sewing ladies if totally desperate!

petrinzselm gyokor/hamburg parsley/ petrinzelGyongyi, Horlacea

celeriac/zeller Gyongyi, Horlacea

topinambur/arva/edes krumpli/ jerusalem artichokes us, Valeni. I’m wondering about cleaning these up and slicing and packing in a jam jar with a little salt and shaking around for a healthy snack.

beans/paszuly/fasole – interesting yellow/green colour – Magdi, Tetis and white ones, Kati, Damos.

Apples/alma/mere – Rodica, Bolic (Gustav). Rodica says this is a very long lasting variety and she has a good cellar; topped up with Agi neni/us (collecting/storing last year) in Alunis – sovary.

Fuszer barka/pussy willow flowers collected and prepared by Agi neni.


Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. Szilard’s got some smoked cheese and some cow/sheep (contains only 10% approx sheep but gives a lovely sheep flavour);

Pasta/Taietei – Erzsi, Ketesd

Eggs ; Erzsi x 2, Nyuszi, Hussar Kati, Ancuta – all in Damos.

Honey – Olimpia and Nelu. Mesteaca/Huedin.

Immunobomb – Szilveszter, Damos, Kispetri

Ghee – Made from morlaca butter (Viorica) by us in Huedin.

Wheat flour – Kadar Kati, Damos.

Agnes shared a biscuit recipe which uses nut flour with us all this week. I’m looking forward to seeing the results (even thought tasting them would be even better!) Here’s the recipe –

Rhubarb compot – Grown and collected by ladies in Kispetri; pasteurized into compot using Olimpia and Nelu’s honey by me and Douglas in Huedin.

gem de macese/csipkeiz

Cream – Jenica, Hodis. I had fun and games today with frisca/smantana .. tejszin/tejfol. Well, the conclusion is that our market is full of tejfol/smantana and there isn’t a wiff of frisca/tejszin! Asking for more details on the differences between them, produced some interesting stories! Jenica told me that frisca has to be made with fresh cream, eg. She makes her cream on Sunday, so immediately, she would beat it with some powdered sugar to make frisca. If anyone would like some we should let her now. Szilard told me that frisca is simply beaten fresh cream with no sugar added and that tejfol should be left for a week before use. Kati had never heard of tejszin/frisca.

Mmm and when I think of traditional baking in villages I think of panko/gogos ..hig palacsinata/thin pancakes … langos/placinta/ … turos lepedo/a sort of cheesey blanket pastry thing .. every ‘sweet’ thing I think of is not that sweet and contains no cream. I propose that in villages frisca/tejszin did not exist until relatively recently when ‘varosi/town’ baking was adopted and big creamy tortas, desired and produced. This is why at market we only find tejfol which is used for soups or something on the way to being tejfol, but past being called tejszin!.

Ooooo and on this note if anyone wants some cow ‘sova/zer’ Szilard is happy to give.

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!

Marvelous Huedin Market


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