Boxnote 153 March 21 2017,

ap em 3

Seed swop adventures are still going on! Yesterday, kuratorne Kati wouldn’t accept any money for her time spent collecting in TKD Damos garden for you, instead she wanted to exchange her time for the seeds she’d gathered during the seed swop And then again today, when we were on coffee break, Anica came (from Bologa) with some parsley seeds in exchange for what she had found last week at the swop. She left the seeds with Olimpia who assured me that Anica was sporting another fine hat (I have only met Anica twice and each time in a different and very elegant hat!). Hopefully, you also helped yourself to some of the excess seeds that were sent to Acasa today.

Spring warm feelings were also in Alunis this week when Agi neni tried to encourage Ibolya to help her collect for GK in Alunis. Ibolya has one of the most beautiful flower gardens I have ever seen in Kalotaszeg and is a very nice person. Very recently she lost her husband and we all feel that being in the GK gang may help. This week, she declined, so Agi alone collected 2kg of young nettles and all sorts of goodies in the TKD garden for your raw salad (that we didn’t even know had appeared!) No doubt you’ll have already delighted in her smallest violet posies in the world, just like me and Zsofi neni, (who was so happy to get one too!)

Zsofi was also keen to have some of Anica’s parsley seeds, as she told me with great glee how she’d had her land dug (she can’t do it herself because she can’t bend anymore (she’s 86); and how she’d sewn garlic, and perpetual spinach and onion .. and more besides and all very very slowly, with many rests on the little stool she sits on there. Zsofi is living proof, if any were needed, of how a garden, and growing your own produce can improve life quality.

And there was more sharing. Once again I shared a bag of Jenica’s branza dulce/tehenturo with another women because the whole quantity was too large for us both. I told them how Douglas likes to make a baked cheesecake, upon which I am now duty bound to bring a piece

photos/recipes/anything we can share there about how you and we use/eat/prepare etc. GK. Please start sending anything you can share to Carmen and me.

Douglas with help from Oana, me and Guirec organised your GK and brought it to Cluj whereupon Deni organised the goodies and seeds to be collected! And later, Carmen will create this weeks blog post. Our thanks to everyone involved today.

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it for you and where! Guirec said what a bumper box; and I declared how much i’d like to get this box of goodies!!

dried – lemon balm, dried in the solar drier in Valeni by pandurne Erzsi. – peppers, leustean, celeriac bought at market and dried on the tarnat in Huedin by me.

Onions, ceapa, feher hagymaErzsi in Sarvasar.

Garlic Bozse Bicalat

a bit of a bigger salad – (13) varieties- papadie/ustoroita/hasmatiu/padbasal/untisor/sorrel/chicory/dock/coada soarecului/lobodo sprouts/lambs lettuce/pulmonaria flowers/parsley/…all sprinkled with violets .. and a little bunch of green onion/garlic, collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos and Huedin; and Agi neni in Alunis.

Spinach/spenot/spanac!Gyongy, Jakotelke. The first ‘real’ spinach to hit the market grown on land fertiilised with sheep manure.

Nettles/ciolan/urzici – collected by Agi neni in Alunis

Bishops weed or ground elder/podagarfi – kecske lab/caprei piciorul – collected by Kuratorne kati and me in Damos.

Carrots, morcov – Kuratorne Kati, Damos (Kati bought her seed at market); Vincze Husszar Andras Kati Damos (some of her seed is dutch and some is her own)

Sfecla/celkla/beetroot Anna, Huedin. Olimpia (honey) explained to Anna that last week, Guirec had asked late morning about a good beetroot source and we had both ran to Anna’s spot, only to discover that she had left with her beets! She was very flattered; and we were very happy that we could have her tasty beets in this week’s box!

pasturnakKuratorne Kati , Damos

petrinzselm gyokor/hamburg parsley/ petrinzelPiroska, Huedin

celeriac/zeller Kuratorne Kati and Torok Erzsi, Damos

topinambur/arva krumpli/ jerusalem artichokes us, Valeni.

Apples/alma/mere – Pirsoka, Bicalat (dubla deliciousa) and Agi neni/us (collecting/storing last year) in Alunis – sovary. And Marianna, Ciuleni, jonatan.


Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. Szilard’s got some smoked cheese and some cow/sheep (contains only 10% approx sheep but gives a lovely sheep flavour); medveshagyma/wild garlic/leurda/ flavour is coming too! And I noticed that Anca got some trufle flavour this week, so that’s another new one!

Red Onions – Gyongy, Jakotelke, and Marianna, Ciuleni

Eggs ; Erzsi, Damos and Ibolya, Nearsova

other tea herbs – locally sourced and dried either in the solar drier in Valeni by pandurne Erzsi or on the tarnat in Huedin.

Honey – Olimpia and Nelu. Mesteaca/Huedin.

Immunobomb – Szilveszter, Damos, Kispetri

Ghee – Made from morlaca butter (Viorica) by us in Huedin.

Wheat flour – Kadar Kati, Damos. Kadar Kati in Damos always has something interesting to say about grains and baking! This week I asked her to try a bit of my bread; Szilard and Guirec tried it too and they all declared it to be very good. Kati told me the reason that the bread is successful is because I’m using totally sour dough/kovasz/maia. She told me that if you have flour from a grain which has ‘megcsere a gabona’/falling drop; but you use sour dough 100%, it will still succeed. I am intrigued as to how!

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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