Boxnote 152 March 14 2017, Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


Early In the day, I had the joy to receive some AMAZING butter from Viorica in Morlaca; and to give her the scan of the Morlaca section of the following book (in 3 languages).

There are many photos taken by Galloway around the end of the 1920s. Viorica’s mother immediately started scanning for people she recognised, as though time, (ninety years) had stood still. If you manage to open the above, the amazing ‘crown’ the young Morlacan girls wear is called a maruna and there is still an older lady in the village making them!

The third edition of the ‘Schimb de Seminte/Mag Csere’ took place today; and as all great events it was the most exciting to date, which is not to say that the first year was lacking in the excitement stakes! I suppose we, Kalotaszeg producers, in Huedin’s ancient market, as time passes, know each other more and become more used to trying out and experiencing new things together.

Viorica, from Huedin, kept us on our toes by asking for some Caragiale (isn’t that an author?); her/local (maybe) name for craita/barsany virag/tagetes. We shared these moments with Guirec and Deni who came to help. Fortunately, we collected, mainly in Damos a small mixed salad made up of garden leaves and wild spring leaves, which we could refer to. All the while, we snacked on and enjoyed the dried ‘sovary’ apples Erzsi neni prepared in Valeni (you’ve also got some in your boxes, Mihaela and Simona!).

You’ll probably have noticed the absence Agi neni news in our 2017 boxnotes to date. She hasn’t been picking in the Alunis garden until now, because we were a bit worried that she wasn’t well enough; however it seems that she’s healing well after her operation; so next week, we’re hoping she’ll be back in action.

Guirec and Deni organised your GK and brought it to Cluj! Our thanks to both of them!

Here is your box this week; who grew it/who collected it for you and where! Guirec said what a bumper box; and I declared how much i’d like to get this box of goodies!!

dried – mint and sovary apples for snacking dried in the solar drier in Valeni by pandurne Erzsi. – peppers, bought at market and dried on the tarnat in Huedin by me.

Onions, ceapa, piros/feher hagymaPiroska, Nearsova; Erzsi in Sarvasar.

Garlic Annuska Ketesd

a little salad – aaaaah spring makes itself felt as the different (13) varieties clock up in the garden.. papadie/valeriana/ustoroita/hasmatiu/padbal/untisor/sorrel/chicory/dock/coada soarecului/urzica violeta/lobodo sprouts/lambs lettuce … collected by us in Damos and Huedin

lettuce and radish and spinach, and green onionErzsi and Voszi, Saula. This couple have a poly tunnel and told me that they have used some mutragya/azot on the land; but we felt their honesty and the fact they are In our dear Kalotaszeg zone, that we should try their goodies.

Carrots, morcov – Gyongy, Nearsova (Gyongy told us she is saving her own carrot seed)

Sfecla/celkla/beeroot Eva, Ketesd

pasturnakKuratorne Kati , Damos

petrinzselm gyokor/hamburg parsley/ petrinzelPiroska, Huedin, Eva, Ketesd

celeriac/zeller Kantorne Kati and Eva, Ketesd

topinambur/arva krumpli/ jerusalem artichokesus, Valeni. YES, pandurne Erzsi neni in Valeni and I were chatting about these veggies and how she enjoyed ‘arva krumpli’ as a child.. they were small edeskedvu to her and her husband. They munched on them raw.

Apples/alma/mere – Pirsoka, Bicalat (dubla deliciousa and golden) and Agi neni/us (collecting/storing last year) in Alunis – sovary.


Beans – Annus neni, Ketesd.

Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. Szilard’s got some smoked cheese and some cow/sheep (contains only 10% approx sheep but gives a lovely sheep flavour); medveshagyma/wild garlic/leurda flavour is coming too!

Nuts – Elena, Sancraiu. The first time we met at market; and she with these lovely crunchy nuts.

Eggs ; Vincze Husszar Andras Kati (Kati has SUCH a mouthful of a name!)

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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