Boxnote 150 February 28, 2017, Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi

img_3575 Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

Well, GK didn’t make it to Cluj this week but the market magic unrolled as usual. In the sunshine, I had the great pleasure to meet Ina again. I’ve met her several time hitching back from Kispetri and at market with mushrooms. Now she is selling spoons that she and her husband have made in Fildu de Jos (see photo). I took the opportunity to ask her about a couple we knew very well from there who until recently came to market with spoons but she told me they had both died and it made me feel sad; they met and married late, told us the story of the pigs they’d bought.. In Damos,another acquaintance, Eniko, died on Saturday; yesterday our neighbour here in Huedin died; so the GK action and any work connected to the trees of life of Kalotaszeg (and everywhere) becomes even more super important.

We had the great joy to meet Tulberi Anica and Ion from Bologa for the first time yesterday. They’d seen, liked and wanted to tell us they had seen the first excerpt of the Digi 24 program. Anica was so beautiful in a thick black coat and hat with a deep purple twirly scarf. I wanted to take a picture, but didn’t like to ask. They were a very optimistic couple telling us about the water mill and blanket washing place which is kept in condition by the grandchildren of the man who kept it going when such things were definitely not in fashion.

I apologised to Csaba the market manager about digi 24, (who phoned him to arrange an interview with him but never did!! He wasn’t put out by this at all thank goodness. As some of you know, I was not keen on the tv report for the followingreasons, the veggies shown didn’t belong to Kaltoaszeg ladies but bigger sellers. I don’t think me and D are ‘saving the market; .. I think it is a joint effort, the producers; the local and Cluj supporters and us as facilitators. The consequences of the petition we were all involved in way back were never clear and should not have been brought up and finally, Douglas has never been English! Other comments from you and at market were,

‘An opportunity was missed to present the complex realities of a peasant market and all those dynamics.’ Indeed we suggested and were told that the whole market would be featured – all the sellers, the manager and we would be put into context; but of course, it was not like this. It was, as some of you said, once again a story simplified to sell the foreigners as the heroes, who come to show Romania what it has; and shortened in order to fit into the time available,

Overall though it was felt that the larger picture outweighed the criticism; the energy of GK was conveyed, and it was possible to enjoy the piece and feel ‘proud to be a supporter’,

Zsofi neni Huedin was at market with a pitiful amount of not very good sfecla, after promising last week lots of sfecla; and black radish .. the abundance from the cellar. Sadly, she went to her neighbours cellar (she and her neighbour share land and she doesn’t have a cellar of her own) .. and everything was poral ment.. so I learnt a new expression in HU (and probably spelt it wrongly!) .. everything was rotten!!! She couldn’t believe it. Good cellars this chilly winter were VITAL. We lost lots of bottles of vinegar and have just discovered some cracked bottles of grape juice in Huedin pantry.

We have a good cellar in Alunis with double door, very simple, suspended with wire, anti-mice sort of shelves. BUT! the mice in Alunis are ‘foarte destept’/’ugyes’ and somehow got on the shelves!!! We didn’t lose all the apples but a fair few had to be thrown away last Sunday! Also in Alunis, we heard that all our neighbours’ (Rodica’s)_bees had died (they had invested a large sum of money sent by their daughter in Ecuador to increase the number of hives(yes that’s another story!)). Nelu told us there are 2 encyclopedias written by experts on bee keeping which give detailed instructions on what to do each month; many nowadays cut corners and look at the internet and disasters happen.


Here are some other bits of news from market!

We chatted with Eva (Ketesd) and Agi (Hunyad) about their gooseberries in jars ‘dusztalast’ with no sugar. They are 10 lei big jar/5 lei small (see photo above)

Piroska, Ketesd who we often get your beetroot from is unfortunately in hospital in Cluj awaiting a serious operation; and Kati (who appears in the digi24 video) is in Huedin hospital with thrombosis.

Marta in Huedin was in the forest around Bicalat on Saturday;she didn’t want to leave it.

Erzsi in Ketesd has just prepared her dara and liszt/malia and faina .. I bought a packet of both and now we are all (the gang of women around Erzsi from Nearsova and Ketesd) are desperate for a good, successful recipe; please share if you have one!

My iroasszony (pattern drawing ladies) research is about to enter the world of Korosfo/iz Crisului; Laskas (pasta) Eva is asking villagers for names of the dead iroasszony (there are none living).

Piroska in Damos told us how she believes the world is ending. Old churches, are falling down (she was focussing her thoughts on Huedin’s thirteenth century reformed church). Churches that belong to time (maybe photo 3 best represents this conversation), wisdom and the spirit; while the people build oversized houses, buy smart phones and fast cars. img_3580

Next week GK runs as normal on a Tuesday afternoon with pick up at station 14.20 + or Acasa approx 15.00+. We would very much like some more helpers so we can rotate, Payment 7lei hour or approx equiv. In foods

  1. either with coming to the market (transport covered) arranging and accompanying the produce back to Cluj;

  2. transporting to Acasa;

  3. distributing at Acasa for a few hours on a Tuesday later afternoon/evening .

    If you can help with any part of this, please let us know!


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