Boxnote 133; August 30th Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi – Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului

Today Onci told me that her husband, the ‘Nyuszi’ ember died back in June. Almost a year to the day that our great friend, Erzsika neni died, last year. Erzsika neni and the Nyuszi (the rabbit) man were pivotal in the creation of G/K. When the old market shut many years ago and the growing season began; and the new hall was brimming with large producers able to pay the high price for the expensive tables … it was them, both of them who came to market with their cloths spread on the ground to display their vegetables and rabbits (hence the nick name!!). Together, with them, we fought back and grew in number and succeeded in re-opening the market and onto creating Gustare/Kostolo. We thank you rabbit man for not giving up!

(harvest festivals at HPM!  AND Douglas, very happy with his dovelcul for seed AND a beautiful photo of Klara’s Gustare!)

Here is your (mega) box this week!

Unusual mixed salad leaves – garden and wild rucola … nasturtium leaves … purslane/grasita/portulaca, … cress …gyermek lancfu/dandelion, … jack by the hedge/ustoroita, … turbolya/chevri/hasmatiu… mallow flower ( I was reading how healthy the little flowers and young leaves are in salads; nutty in taste) and nasturtium flower Douglas and Agi Huedin, Damos, Alunis.

Herbs/verdeturi/fuszer: …peppermint …. lemon balm.. zsaja/salvia/sage … marjoram …Agi, Alunis, Douglas in Huedin, and Damos

chives/metelo hagyma/snidling (and, thanks to Mihaela) cepsoara!) Douglas, Damos

perpetual onions Douglas, Damos

Parsley Annus neni, Tetis . And Kati, Damos (curly parsley)

tarhon/tarkon/estragon – Piroska, Bicalat

Basil/busiouc/Bazilia . . Zsofi, Huedin. Be sure to remove the lower part of the stems before using/drying (and don’t store in water, you’ll get a mouldy taste. If you want to make a tinctura, see Deni’s

Alma paprika (the small round pale green and the larger peppers in the herb bag are HOT), ardei Iute, csipes paprika, hot pepper Zsuzsi,Bicalat, Piroska, Horlacea, Erzsika, Huedin

Red onions Gyongy, Horlacea + Zsofi, Huedin and white onions – Kati, Damos

Fresh garlicDouglas, Damos

Little carrot bundles – Magdi, Horlacea

celeriac/zellerPiroska, Tetis

Radish/retek/ridiche Zsofi, Huedin. I admired these AMAZINGly large radish of Zsofi’s .. she told me she’d grown them next to garlic; companion planting.

cabbage/varza/kapuszta Eva, Tetis

sweetcorn/kukorica/malai – Annus neni, Tetis. Zsebe Kati and Curatorne Damos

perpetual spinach and rainbow chards – Zsofi, Huedin. And Douglas and Agi, Damos and Huedin.

Rainbow chards are so beautiful; eat the stems too!

Pattisson/csilla tok/? In romanian? Agi, Huedin .. some of which, according to Simona look like UFOs .. come fly with G/K!!

Fasole verde/zold paszuly/green beans. Domi, Huedin

Peppers, paprika, ardei – . Bozse II Bicalat .. is unsurprisingly proud of these beauties.

Castraveti/ugorka/cucumber Erzsi, Ketesd; Kati Bicalat

Tomatoes/rosii/paradicsom … yellow and red.. Onci, Bicalat. I don’t know how many years Onci has come to market with these amazing yellow tomatoes .. certainly for as long as I’ve been shopping in Hunyad.

Osszel barack/autumn peaches –Piroska, Bicalat. Today disproved the, no fruit in Kalotaszeg theory!! These amazing peaches are like primitive forms .. there is no equiv. In english or romanian I think. They grow best next to the vines and as Bicalat and Tetis are the traditional grape regions of Kalotaszeg, that is where we find them most.

Mere de vara/nyari alma/apples Mariana, Ciuleni. Pisto, Bicalat,

Ponik – the green ones – Mariana Ciuleni

Rakoczi plums/prune/szilva Ica, Huedin. Ica has been planning to come to market for the last two weeks with her plums but on each occasion, somebody beat her to it and stole her fruit .. she got up super early to collect these delicious plums for us to enjoy!

And to top it all even a few grapes!! Agi, Huedin

Flowers – A selection from Maria, Huedin and Pisto, Bicalat.


Honey – Olimpia and Nelu.

Cheese – Szilard, Alunis. If you know anyone who is a fan of Alunis cheese, please do get them onto Gustare group and the order chart. G/K is the only weekly delivery to Cluj of Szilard’s cheese. New flavour from Szilard is coming up, Leurda/Medves hagyma flavoured cheese in about two weeks time.

Kale – Agi neni

apples – as above

Mint – as above.

Eggs – Kati, Damos and Zsebe Kati, (with the best hat at market for all time!). Kati never has an egg container and devises the most fantabulos forms of carrying her eggs to market .. this week in a large cardboard sweetie container.

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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