Boxnote 131; August 16th

Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi – Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


Pista’s flowers (Bicalat) .. incredible gladioli

Yesterday we had a fine treat when Edina came to help In Damos; besides collecting for G/K we also collected the rye crop (we have a little crop from every garden this year; later Erzsi neni and I will beat them in Valko and see what sort of harvest we have). We would very much like to get some more organic rye seeds as local as possible so if someone knows of anyone with them, please let us know. Agi neni’s family have been involved preparing the small field we have in Alunis to sow and in September, we’ll need the seed. We are also looking for sor Arpa/bere Orz/Barley seed to grow so that Acasa can make more beer!

Today, I was helped once again, this time by Erzsike (flowers), who came and very calmly prepared your mixed herb bag and spinach and salad. She was quite surprised by some of the weeds (like purslane and garden herbs, like turbolya!) that we eat. Hopefully, she’ll be able to help again next week; her hard work and the calm atmosphere was very helpful to me!

Szilard as usual helped us to the station with our many packages. Indeed there were so many that the train had to wait for us to load it up; off it went with a bag of herbs almost falling out of the door! A G/K supporter just wrote me, ‘ Funny Douglas, he had a lot of luggage, gosh, how did he manage with all of them, i was quite amazed at the station. When the train arrived, the bags kept coming and coming, and finally Douglas too came out of the train with its bike!

Here is your (mega) box this week!

Unusual mixed salad leaves – garden and wild rucola … nasturtium leaves … sorrel … purslane/grasita/portulaca, gyermek lancfu/dandelion, jack by the hedge/ustoroita, turbolya/chevri/hasmatiu… blue borage and nasturtium flower Douglas and Agi Huedin, Alunis.

Herbs/verdeturi/fuszer: …peppermint …. lemon balm…marjoram (digestive aid/soothe bee stings/pain reliever)Agi, Alunis, Douglas in Huedin, and Damos

Marjoram –add two teaspoons of marjoram to a cup of 7 ounces of cold water. Let it soak for 24 hours and add honey to it. An even stronger tea may be made by adding 6 teaspoons marjoram to 7 ounces of water. Marjoram contains antioxidants, Vitamin A/C/Calcium and iron. It aids digestion; protects against common illness, such as influenza, food posoning) antiinflamitory (migraines, body aches); it’s also an antidepressant; – Agi, Alunis

chives Douglas, Damos

perpetual onions Douglas, Damos

Parsley Bozse, Bicalat.

Basil/busiouc/Bazilia . Bozse, Bicalat. be sure to remove the lower part of the stems; and don’t store in water.

Alma paprika (the small round pale green is HOT), ardei Iute, csipes paprika, hot pepper Zsuzsi,Bicalat, Zsofi, Huedin,

Red onions Ildiko, Fildu de Mijloc !

Fresh garlicBozse Bicalat

torma/chrean/horseradish Hajni, and Zsofi neni

Little carrot bundles and celeriac – Agi, Huedin

Guli/KohlrabiAgi, Huedin

cabbage/varza/kapuszta Agi, Huedin.

sweetcorn/kukorica – Annus neni and Tunde, Tetis.

perpetual spinach and rainbow chards – Zsofi, Huedin. And Douglas and Agi, Damos and Huedin.

Rainbow chards are so beautiful; eat the stems too!

Kohlrabi/guliZsofi, Huedin, little Eva, Tetis.

Zucchini – Agi, Alunis. Or Pattison, Agi, Huedin OR Hokaido, Agi, Alunis.

Green beans/fasole/paszuly .. Piroska and Farkas Eva Tetis,

Peppers, paprika, ardei – . Bozse II Bicalat.

Sfecla, beetroot, ceklaZsofi, Huedin

Castraveti/ugorka/cucumber Hajni and Tunde, Ketesd.

Tomatoes/rosii/paradicsom .. Zsuzsi, Bicalat (the cherry varieties .. the little yellow ones are super sweet. She seed saves and just lets the plants self sow). Most of the cucumbers and all the tomatoes that we are able to buy have been sprayed with blue stone/kek ko against blight, I’m sorry to say. Eva and Csirpe Erzsi and Annuska Tetis, Agi, Huedin, Bozse and Pisto, Bicalat.

Ossze barack/autumn peachesthe first at market. Morika, Bicalat. I’m sorry about the lack of fruits in your boxes this year; this is due to the carabus/cserebogar in the spring and the strange weather conditions. The summer apples have been virtually non existent along with the plums.

FlowersErzsika, Huedin and Agi, Alunis (the galbanele/korom virag)


Honey – Olimpia and Nelu.


salads ready to go!

ow anyone who is a fan of Alunis cheese, please do get them onto Gustare group and the order chart. G/K is the only weekly delivery to Cluj.

Kale – Agi neni

Dill stems, Farkas Eva

garlic – Annuska, Tetis

salads ready to go!


Agi neni's nasturtium/sarkancsu/Misi told me this was called Filfoi .. but i have on wiki - (Condurul doamnei, Caneluța sau Conduraș)

Agi neni’s nasturtium/sarkancsu/


Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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