Boxnote 129: 2 August Gustare/Kalotaszeg Kostoloi – Hrana naturala, locala de la satele din zona Huedinului


the market (sorry sideways!)

Today started early when Iulia arrived at 7.30am in Huedin and we all sprung into action, not only to make Gustare but also to prepare for the first ever (in the 700 year approx history of Huedin market) information giving event, ‘Heal yourself – Back to Nature’. Last week, Csaba (the market manager) gave us permission; Zsuzsi, Iulia, and I, with help from Deni and Melinda Vincze, made some really wonderful, concise general information and specific information was given about seven of August’s wild goodies, in (at least!) three languages . We also got to try some amazing homemade soaps (and more besides) made by Zsuzsi at Organic Art Ranch.

It was truly wonderful to see how many (mainly ladies) visited the beautifully prepared table and to feel how empowered they were when they left it! Even the ‘placinta ladies’ who didn’t even make it to the table, (couldn’t leave their ‘rulota’), were suddenly full of medicinal plant names, and uses and how to dry. Great thanks to Iulia and Zsuzsi for their time and their enthusiasm for this event (i’ll write something up on the blog tomorrow about the good stuff I learned today; it is a wonderful thing to realise that the more I know, the more I know what I don’t know).




Zsuzsi, and Iulia

As soon as the event wound down, Iulia put her Gustare hat on (not literally, but gosh … maybe we need Gustare hat!!); Szilard appeared and we all leapt with your goodies into his motor car only to discover when we met the rest of today’s team that the line was flooded and Iulia was bringing Gustare to Cluj later on the next train!

Here is your (mega) box this week!

Unusual mixed salad leaves – garden and wild rucola … nasturtium leaves … sorrel … blue borage and nasturtium flower Douglas and Agi Huedin, Alunis.

salyata/salata/lettuceMaria, Huedin

Herbs/verdeturi/fuszer: …peppermint …. lemon balm…marjoram (digestive aid/soothe bee stings/pain reliever)… sage/salvia/zsaja Agi, Alunis, Douglas in Huedin, and Damos

chives Douglas, Huedin,

perpetual onions Douglas, Damos

Parsley Bozse, Bicalat.

Basil/busiouc/Bazilia Zsofi, Huedin. Bozse, Bicalat. be sure to remove the lower part of the stems; and don’t store in water.

Alma paprika (the small round pale green is HOT), ardei Iute, csipes paprika, hot pepper Zsuzsi,Bicalat, Zsofi, Huedin, Piroska, Ketesd and Bozse II, Bicalat.

Red onions Ildiko, Fildu de sus

Fresh garlicKati, Damos

Little carrot bundles – Agi, Huedin

sweetcorn/kukorica – Tunde, Ketesd. Tunde comes every year with her sweetcorn. I asked her if she sprays her crop; and she told me she doesn’t. The small local sellers who come to market to sell their excess are the most unlikely to spray as they and their children also eat their produce.

perpetual spinach and rainbow chards – Zsofi, Huedin. And Douglas,Damos and Huedin.

Rainbow chards are so beautiful; eat the stems too!

Kohlrabi/guliZsofi, Huedin, Eva, Tetis.

Hokkaido pumpkin or zucchini – Agi, Alunis. We were SO excited to find Hokkaido growing in the Alunis garden on Sunday .. weeeelll, it wasn’t actually us who found them, it was Agi neni! She declared them to be very unusual pumpkins not like last years at all; and then we all looked more closely; all balancing between shoots; and (even though on the map we had note, ‘Damos type zucchini’), we realised they were Hokkaido! And ready early too! To make things even stranger, they are growing under a walnut tree! Agi told me that cucumbers … and now it seems Hokkaido are keen on that spot!!

Green beans/fasole/paszuly .. Piroska and Eva Tetis, and Pisto, Bicalat

Peppers, paprika, ardei – . Bozse II, Bicalat.

Castraveti/ugorka/cucumber Kis Kati and Hajni, Bicalat.

Tomatoes/rosii/paradicsom .. Zsuzsi, Bicalat (varieties inima de baut and htp 1 – she has seed saved both for several years!) and Marta, Huedin. Zsuzsi

Summer apples/nyari alma/mere de vara Lidia, Hodis

Ringlo plums – Pisto, Bicalat.

FlowersBozse Bicalat and Zsofi Huedin


Apple Juice – The csipet csapat (the little people! Three generations of women and Benjemen), Valko. Made from local variety, autumn Valko apples and pressed, pasteurized in Bica village.

Kale – Agi neni (and we) were delighted again to find decent sized kale leaves ready to pick. Kale is always better after the first frost, but it is super healthy all year too!

Always get everything out of plastic and the paper as soon as possible; even things in clean packaging like Pasta and bread. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. We recommend this!


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