Summer School Students Visit

Xenia Havadi brought her group of German speaking summer school students to visit Tarnat Kalotaszeg Durabil/Gustare for the third year running.  Due to our hetic schedule we had to meet in Manistireni and due to the persistent rain and lots of children on a dancing camp we could only give our presentation in the Hungarian Reformed Church.  The magnificent church decorated with sewing work done by members of the congregation was an unusual and striking backdrop.

We were joined by Misi who lives in Manistireni and who, as regular Gustare customers will know, supplies us with his apple juice made from varieties of apples found in the extensive orchards around the town.  Misi impressed everyone by speaking in German, even though he only started learning the language a few years ago.

Following this we dashed through the rain to the group,s minibus which took us to valeni and the Bogolyvar.  The students loved the building and were impressed by our solar drier, currently drying (when the sun shines!) various goodies, which will be available on Gustare later in the year.  One of the students took this fine photo of us and the house; the rain having stopped temporarily.



Later in the week the students visited Szilard to see where and how his superb cheese is produced; Provision which is also in Alunis and Roger and Zsuzsi at The Organic Art Ranch.


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