Our annual forage began unofficially when in the garden around the pavillion, I spotted some Veronica spicata* on Saturday afternoon. It was only recently i discovered it in Bagolyvar garden, among the many wild flowers we have in Valeni. Agica neni, born in Valko told me it makes a very good relaxing tea.

Later, we set off for the Sulyom, the hill.

As with every forage, we surrendered ourselves to nature and looked for, found, discussed and compared the wild things we found on our way, such as urzici alba/white dead nettle which Mihaela told us, when in flower makes a good tea!

We found some silverweed/potentilla tormentilla/coada racului/liba pimpo, the silvery leaves of which make a very good tea to relieve menstrual problems, and stomach pain in general. We discussed burdock.  The roots are edible and some cultivated varieties are considered a delicacy. Oil made from the roots is reccommended for hair loss.

Another useful root, chicory/cicoare. We compared chicory root coffee experiences (and wait with anticipation for Alunis garden chicory variety seeds to be ready to collect).

We came across rats tail plantain/plantego/ pătlagină. Last week Agica told me that the plantego lanceiolata is better than the wider leaf for cough relief. 

Me and Agica also had a discussion about mistletoe/ vâsc /fagyongy.  Agica neni on consulting Maria Treben book, told me that around October and December, after the berries have frozen, they are very good mashed with zsir and rubbed into areas of the body to improve blood circulation; the leaves are also good to collect when young around March/April, steeped in cold water and left over night; strained in the morning, warmed and taken to regulate blood pressure.

We didn’t see them on Saturday, but another couple of common goodies, Agica was talking about is oxalis stricta/yellow wood sorrel/madar soska/măcriș de pădure (very good for the liver) and goosegrass/cleavers/sticky willy/ .. which once infused makes a very good throat gargle.

Earlier in the week, when talking to Nitsa, my neighbour in Valeni. She told me that a compress of greater cellandine/rostopasca/kutya ceai once healed a bad bite on her leg and also makes a tea which is very good for the liver. She also told me that crotsobele (interesting as i know this as porumbele/sloes/kokeny) flowers are very good for the liver, gall bladder and cholesterol.

Then, just as the rain began we found a wonderful patch of sanziena/lady’s bedstraw. It was late, it was wet, but it was fragrant; so despite all the conditions for herbs and humans, being against us, we set to gathering it up. You can see us all at it, Douglas, Misi and Mihaela.

When Mihaela was soaked to the skin we decided to head for Bagolyvar!

great thanks to Deni for correct plant name spellings! And to Carmen, for making every blog post possible and  beautiful …

* please double check all plant information with a reliable source before using.


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