Boxnote 124 : June 28th


This week, we have lots of invitations.

The first has come about thanks to Bogdan and Corina. At Damos 68, our friends, undaunted by the rains, made a cathedral of an earth toilet and cleaned, organized the little (one room), no electricity house bringing it back into use.


Now, we can begin to ask you, to spread the request for a volunteer-apprentice to come to us on Monday, stay overnight in a tent and learn about, be involved in the creation of G/K from start to finish; to learn and help slowly repair the Damos 68 house and to return to Cluj on Tuesday with Zoli and the goodies. It will be a bit rough and ready, but like Bogdan and Corina, I think you’ll want to return! We can cover any expenses necessary. Please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in this exciting next step in the history of this little house and G/K.


The second is an invitation to the Valeni zilele /Valkoi napok July 8-10. Events kick off on Friday evening, with a stewy ‘bogracs’, local songs and torch lit walk through the village. Douglas and I participate in as much as possible and we invite you to bring a tent, or let us know if you want to sleep in a hay barn bed, and join us.

Gustare/Kostolo big day will be Saturday 9 July. At 14.00, there will be a food tasting event in the Bagolyvar, the TKD association house. It will be a chance to try some G/K old favourites; to sample some Valeni specialities and share some of your own too!! Yes, we are asking any of the Cluj supporters with a house speciality – a cake, or drink, or preserve (muraturi/jam etc.) or plant … something homemade and a bit different to please bring along so that we can all have a little taste.

We are also going to hold, at last, our annual forage (time to be fixed), collecting wild tea herbs and identifying anything we find on our path in three languages (that’s the hope!). It is always a great learning experience for us all.

Please message, mail us for more info., so we can make any arrangements necessary etc.

Here is your (mega) box this week!

Unusual mixed salad leaves – if you don’t know what something is, please ask us! … garden and wild rucola…. baby lettuce … endive …. quite a few blue borage flower (with a lovely cucumbery taste!) B+C (Bogdan and Corina) and Agi, Huedin, Damos, and Alunis.

soska/macris/sorrel added to the salad – Bozse, Bicalat.

Herbs: .peppermint….spearmint …. lemon balm….sage/salvia/zsaja Agi, Alunis , Douglas in Huedin, B&C in Damos

Bozse has become the G/K chamomile/Kamilla.. supplier! She now drys what she collects between market on her table on paper (all the older ladies do this) and I finish off in the solar drier; and picks fresh if she knows she can make it to market. I love the way we both ponder over how much money her pickings are worth; both of us hoping we can come to a suitable high price for her! I also love the way everyone wishes her well when she leaves to catch her bus back to Bicalat.

Agi collected some galbanele/korom virag/marigold flowers for drying; and some harsfa/tei/lime flowers.

Unfortunately, Csipet csapat got rained off in Valko this week and all the wilds they were due to pick did not arrive. Hopefully, on Thursday, together we can gather some for the solar drier!


Parsley Bozse Bicalat. Unfortunately, when gathering the market goodies together to take to Jeki’s courtyard, I picked up by accident, Domi‘s herbs, so they now fill the solar drier and I have a debt for next week! I thought he was telling me that a stranger had stolen his herbs .. not me!!! I made Iulianna’s herby chutney with all sorts of different soft herbs (parsley, basil, dill .. you can use them all!).

. the odd celeriac leaf is in there too! …and tarhon/tarkon from Bozse, Bicalat and Kati, Nearsova.

Ceapa verde /Zold hagyma/ spring onionZsofi, Huedin.

Fresh garlicDouglas, Damos, Bozse, Bicalat.

spinach, perpetual spinach – Zsofi, Huedin.

Little carrot bundles – Zsofi, Huedin.

Peas, fresh Piroska,. Tetis

dovlec, tok, zucchiniHajni, Tetis, Agi, Huedin . Everything is full on in the gardens at the moment! At the bottom of Agi’s collecting bag, we found a small zucchini wrapped in tissue from the Alunis garden!!

Broad beans- Agi, Alunis, Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Agi neni this week due to the incredible heat and exhaustion! So all of Agi’s collecing for G/K was organised over the phone. Szilard brought in her packages as usual and declared there to be a broad bean bonanza afoot. Next Sunday, we hope for milder weather and look forward to catching up with Agi and sorting out the garden together!

Br Bean recipe

And don’t compost your pods before boiling them up, cooling, squeezing (or mouli) for a rich tasty stock liquid.

We will be drying these in the solar drier for winter use. They are very tasty and very healthy. A must for any vegetarian.

Galbenele, chanterelle mushrooms Doina and Jozsif and family who live on dealul mare, Rasca. They only come to market occasionally when they have excess strawberries, or mushrooms.

Castraveti/ugorka/cucumber zsuzsi, Bicalat .

Ribizli/redcurrantsDomi and Erzsike, Huedin.

Meggy/visine/sour cherries Florica, Huedin and Rodica, Bolic.

Flowers two lovely bouquet from Maria containing feverfew flowers (the white and yellow – check them out on line for medicinal use); and garofita; szegfu, carnation from Kati, Bicalat.


GREENS HERBS EXTRAs – spinach – as above. Kale is sadly more or less over until the winter.

Ustoroita/keseru gomba Eva Tetis.

EGGS – Jeki (Huedin); Viorica (Hodis)

PASTA/LASKA/TAIETEI – Eva, Izvorul Crisului

Honey – Olimpia and Nelu, bees are now in Huedin, resting after their late spring journey for the bees to Bihor for the salcam/akacfa ..

MATURE cow and sheep cheese – Szilard. NEWSFLASH – Tuesday 12th July, Szilard and Ildiko have their annual camp in Alunis; so there will be no cheese delivery. Please order extra on 5th July if you know you are going to need it!

Apple Juice – The csipet csapat (the little people!), Valko. Made from local variety, autumn Valko apples and pressed, pasteurized in Bica village.

Mixed tea herbs and ginko tea herb I was incredibly impressed by the dried tea herbs Claudia’s family had brought and noted down Jozsif’s excited plant list,

the mixed tea herbs contain, tei, cimbrisor, menta de casa si salbatic, soc, afine uscata – the whole plant, zmeura cu stocol, chimion.

They use this tea for ‘raceala, diabet’. There is no sunatoare in the mix as this is not good for the ‘inima.

the beautiful ginko biliba were collected by head of the family who works in the botanical gardens, Cluj where the only tree in our area stands. This is good for blood circulation.

All of their tea herbs were gathered at full bloom and dried together in their clean, shady, breezy attic. They sought out the brown paper bags to package them in.

I asked for a photo to share with you but they are not a photo sort of family and declined.

Walnut oil and butter – The csipet csapat (the little people!) and Sandor Erzsi, Valko

Bread – Berde lldiko, baked in Alunis with flours from Valeni and kovasz/maia.

Always get everything out of plastic as soon as possible; even things in clean plastic like Pasta. I’ve been asking how pasta was stored pre-plastic days and I was told that it was put into a clean fabric napsack and suspended. It was so good/so dry.




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